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High Street Shopping

The New High Street

This August, Debenhams announced its biggest loss in its 240-year history, £491.5 million. The iconic UK department store has since announced plans to close 15% of its stores. They are not alone. 2018 has been a year for major losses…

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B2B Marketing Strategies: 4 Tips and Trends | PFS Blog

B2B Marketing Strategies: 4 Tips and Trends

We’ve all heard it: B2C sets the standard for B2B when creating a consumer-oriented experience. The same (or similar) strategies and insights used for B2C can also bolster B2B businesses as the industry becomes more humanized, demanding user-friendly interfaces and…

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7 Things To Know About B2B Commerce

7 Things to Know about B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce continues to be a hot industry topic, but what are some of the key 2016 B2B eCommerce trends both established and emerging B2B retailers should focus on? Here are 7 things to know… 1) B2B eCommerce spans many…

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