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Why Outsourcing Transportation Makes Good Business Sense

Why Outsourcing Transportation Makes Good Business Sense

Long gone are the days when a brand would put out a request for proposal (RFP), choose a carrier based on the best rates, and…

ECommerce Crisis Management: The Importance Of Forecasting And Agility In Business

eCommerce Crisis Management: The Importance of Forecasting and Agility in Business

When running a business, it can be easy to focus solely on the present and not consider the future. However, as recent years have highlighted,…

Diagram Shown On A Tablet, Emphasizing Brand Ownership

Building Customer Trust Through Brand Ownership

In today's world, navigating through uncertain times has become the new normal. With the ongoing cost of living crisis and unpredictable inflation rates, it is…

Diagram To Illustrate Cross Border Ecommerce

The Role of BPOs in Building a Successful Cross-Border eCommerce Business

Cross-border eCommerce is the future of the retail industry. With advancements in technology and supply chain innovations, brands can now expand their customer base globally,…

How To Track Jewelry Inventory For ECommerce Fulfillment

How to Track Jewelry Inventory for eCommerce Fulfillment

A solid understanding of how to track jewelry inventory is a critical component to establishing a successful eCommerce operation for your jewelry and accessories product…

Warehouse Security To Package Delivery: Securing Your Jewelry ECommerce Operation

Warehouse Security to Package Delivery: Securing Your Jewelry eCommerce Operation

Continuing our series on the unique requirements for selling jewelry and accessories online, this blog looks at how to properly secure your jewelry eCommerce operation.…

Creative Ideas For Jewelry Packaging

Creative Ideas for Jewelry Packaging

With so many options for purchasing jewelry and accessories online, what factors drive a customer to choose your brand over another? And how do you…

Gen Z Shoppers Push Brands To Clean Up

Gen Z Shoppers Push Brands to Clean Up

The TikTok generation is also the sustainability generation, and these consumers are concerned about their future. Gen Z shoppers are more informed about what sustainability…

Treat Yourself: Smiling Woman With Shopping Bags

Treat Yourself: In Uncertain Times, Is There Still Room for a Little Luxury?

In times of financial struggle, is 'treat yourself' still relevant? Estee Lauder’s Leonard Lauder coined the term ‘The Lipstick Index’ In the early 2000s recession.…

The Green Dilemmma

Sustainability stand-off: Confusion on the journey toward more sustainable eCommerce operations

Baseline expectations for sustainable eCommerce practices are rapidly increasing, as concern for reducing carbon footprint grows amongst consumers. Our latest Conscious Commerce report, The Green…

PFS Blogs: By Now Pay Later

Buy now, pay later… But at what cost to your business?

In the bid to appeal to more consumers, retailers are increasingly turning to buy now, pay later (BNPL) options to promote consumer loyalty amongst their…

PFS 2022 HIghlights

PFS in 2022 – Another One for the Record Books

The PFS team has done it again. Breaking the record for the third year in a row, 2022 will go down for the most order…

Holiday ECommerce Returns

‘Tis the Season for eCommerce Returns

Online shoppers have come to count on, not only free shipping, but free returns as well. Experts say retailers can expect, on average, about $158…

ECommerce Forecasting In Action

eCommerce Forecasting, The Impact of an Inaccurate Forecast

In part one of our forecasting series, we discussed some of the basics of forecasting within the eCommerce industry and the importance of accuracy. So,…

Woman Unboxing A Sustainable Delivery Of Beauty And Cosmetic Products

The Beauty of Sustainable Delivery Options

In eCommerce, Sustainable Delivery and Sustainable Beauty Should Go Hand in Hand The demand for sustainable beauty products and processes is increasing rapidly. Clean and…

Multi-node Fulfillment Network

Building Out Your Multi-Node Fulfillment Network

In this dynamic and uncertain market, brands face the challenge of figuring out how to get closer to customers. As consumer expectations evolve, creating a…

ECommerce Forecasting In A Boardroom

eCommerce Forecasting, Why Accuracy is Essential

In eCommerce forecasting, historical data is analyzed using business intelligence tools and forecasting methods to predict future market conditions and consumer purchasing patterns. By looking…

A Great Customer Experience In Action. A Man And Woman Of Color Are Shopping Online From A Coffee Shop

Front-End to Post-Click: Customer Experience Alignment Strategies

When you are happy with your brand’s digital customer experience, don’t let your fulfillment operations disappoint Is there anything worse, when you are anticipating a…

International ECommerce

International eCommerce: Debunking Cross-border Myths

As brands seek to grow through international eCommerce expansion, there are common misconceptions that lead to over-simplification and over-complication of the cross-border strategy. We look…

Chargeback Dispute

Should you dispute chargebacks?

Disputing chargebacks is not a simple or straightforward task. Nor are you guaranteed to win a dispute after investing a fair amount of effort. With…

Uncertain 2022 Holiday Peak

Omnichannel Fulfillment: Preparing for an Uncertain Peak Season

Give your brand the gift of an omnichannel fulfillment strategy this holiday peak season. An omnichannel approach is empowering brands to be more agile and…

3PL Vs 4PL

What is the Difference Between a 3PL and 4PL provider?

Learn about 3PL vs 4PL and how to choose the best option for your brand As your brand grows, you may reach an inflection point…

Sportswear Peaks

Sportswear Peaks – Five Tips for Keeping Up with Demand

This summer has been full of exciting sporting events and, with that, increased demand amongst consumers for sportswear as they support their favorite personalities or…

Maintaining Brand Loyalty During The Cost Of Living Crisis

The Cost of Living Crisis: How to Maintain Brand Loyalty

The cost of living crisis continues to skyrocket across the globe and in June we witnessed inflation increase even further, with the headline consumer price…

Decentralized Fulfillment

Creating Positive Experiences with Decentralized Fulfillment

As seen on Retail Merchandiser, PFS' Kamran Iqbal discusses the challenges brands and retailers are facing today and how a decentralized fulfillment approach can help…

Sustainable Packing Trends

Sustainable Packaging Trends – What Does the Conscious Consumer Want?

Current Sustainability Trends Influencing eCommerce With more focus than ever on the climate crisis following the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability continues to be a hot topic.…

Security In The Remote Contact Cetner

Security in the Remote Contact Center

PFS has seen great success since transitioning our contact center to a remote operation in 2020. We know what it takes to be successful in…

Selling Luxury Online

Luxury eCommerce – How BPOs can help

Luxury brands have been slow to embrace the digital realm, but with the great shift to online shopping brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, luxury…

Winning Customer Loyalty

Lessons from eCommerce start-ups on winning customer loyalty

From digitally native start-ups to one-person bands selling online, the personalized experience and ‘human touch’ start-ups prioritize are key components to their success online in…

Offsetting Inflation

Offset Inflation with an eCommerce BPO

By focusing on operational efficiencies and cost-savings strategies that help protect margins and maintain high standards of quality and service, eCommerce BPOs (business process outsourcers)…

Competitive Advantages Through Brand Owndership

Competitive advantage through brand ownership

As brands seek to stand out in an oversaturated online market, brand ownership has become key to capturing the competitive advantage. For independent retailers and…

BPO Private Equity Firms

What Can a BPO Offer Private Equity Firms?

Despite all of the disruption in the last two years, Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) firms continue to invest in companies and startups.…

Big Data

How to stay one step ahead with “big data”

With over half (56%) of consumers most likely to purchase leisure or non-essential items online in 2022, the migration to online has moved far beyond…

Under One Roof

Under One Roof: Fulfillment and Customer Service Functions

Fulfillment joins the dots between eCommerce retailers and brands to customers, with the aim of getting orders to their destinations quickly, preventing customer dissatisfaction– in…

Fulfillment Flexing: How To Get Closer To Your Customers

Fulfillment Flexing: How To Get Closer To Your Customers

When analyzing fulfillment strategies, including omnichannel operations, the first questions retailers and brands need to ask themselves are: ‘Is my current fulfillment strategy meeting the…

2022 Impact Of Shortages Blog

How to reduce the impact of shortages in the retail sector

Whether it be the Collins, Merriam-Webster or Oxford Dictionaries, each year a range of publishers issue their “word of the year”, a word or expression…

Consumer Pulse Check

Cost, convenience, or conscience: what brand behaviors will consumers reward in 2022?

Much like 2020, last year was also a testing time for retailers and brands. But unlike its predecessor, 2021 had the potential for brands to…

PFS 2021 Rewind

PFS 2021 Rewind

Fueled by organic growth and new client implementations, PFS’ 2021 was highlighted by continued elevated order fulfillment volumes and high execution for its clients. Following…

ECommerce Lessons - Was 2021 The Year The Tide Firmly Turned?

eCommerce Lessons – Was 2021 the Year the Tide Firmly Turned?

2021 was the year that the “perfect storm”  hit retail – with fuel crises in the autumn, the effects of Brexit continuing to cause cross-border…

The Changing Face Of Retail: Dark Stores

The Changing Face of Retail: Dark Stores

The face of retail has undoubtedly taken a turn in the last 18 months. As consumers skipped the checkout lines in lieu of sofa shopping,…

Where Is My […]? – The Importance Of Visibility In Building Brand Trust

Where is my […]? – The importance of visibility in building brand trust

As the holiday season heads into its final weeks, it’s important for retailers and brands to reflect on how successful they have been in matching…

2022 Signals A New Dawn For Retailers

Turning the page: Why 2022 signals a new dawn for retailers

The last twelve months presented retailers with challenges more gruelling than we ever thought possible. Even now, the words ‘lockdown,’ ‘supply chain,’ and ‘shortages’ still…

Smart Brand Strategies For Supply Chain Crises

Smart Brand Strategies For Supply Chain Crises

The supply chain slowdown and back-up came about because of a confluence of factors that all came together in a "perfect storm". COVID-19 stopped or…

Preparing For Retail Demands When Forecasting Is Impossible

Preparing for Retail Demands When Forecasting is Impossible

The only certainty in retail over the last few years has been uncertainty. Whether it’s the associated effects of Brexit or the pandemic, retail has…

Peak Promotions - Is 2021 The Year Santa Gets The Sack?

Peak Promotions – is 2021 the Year Santa Gets the Sack?

Following a “perfect storm” of COVID-19, HGV and labour shortages, as well as ongoing Brexit supply chain disruption in general, retailers and brands are expected…

In-Store Uncertainty Leads To Innovative ECommerce Solutions

In-Store Uncertainty Leads to Innovative eCommerce Solutions

Omnichannel retail had its moment in 2020, a year that taught retailers the importance of a well-defined inventory strategy. However, even with the lessons learned…

The Rise Of The "Micro-Influencer"

The Rise of the “Micro-Influencer”

Social commerce has been one of the fastest growing retail trends – especially over the last year. Accelerated by the events of 2020, following a…

What’s It Going To Take To Make Sustainability Sustainable?

What’s it Going to Take to Make Sustainability Sustainable?

2020 drastically changed the consumer's shopping experience. More people had already started buying online for convenience and lower prices in previous years, but last year…

Past The Parcel - Amazon Vs. Independent BPO

Past the parcel – Amazon vs. Independent BPO

The fulfillment process encompasses much more than simply shipping orders to customers. Warehouse management, overseeing inventory capabilities, building positive relationships with reliable carriers, customer service…

Personalized Packaging Is The ROI Driver Your Business Needs

Personalized Packaging Is the ROI Driver Your Business Needs

You don’t have to be a toddler to love the box as much as what’s in it. The same can be said for businesses looking…

Unboxing Experience: How QR Codes Are Accelerating Digital-First Retail

Unboxing Experience: How QR Codes are Accelerating Digital-First Retail

In recent years, unboxing videos have grown from an internet fad to a powerful eCommerce marketing tool. As a staple of YouTube and TikTok, unboxing…

Setting Up Customer Service Success

Meeting Customer Service Expectations During the Busiest Season

Many retailers currently facing significant hurdles, including labor shortages, major supply chain delays and high consumer demand, may feel underprepared for inevitable spikes in activity…

Learning To Ride The Wave: How Brands Can Keep Up With Unpredictable Retail Spikes

Learning to ride the wave: how brands can keep up with unpredictable retail spikes

Throughout the summer season – to the excitement and rush of the pre-holiday peak - there are a number of retail events that can be…

A Flawless Fall: 6 Keys To Peak Preparedness

A Flawless Fall: 6 keys to Peak Preparedness

Black Friday through Cyber Monday, 2020, was the first stress test of the capabilities retailers had put into place to address last year's anticipated crush…