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25+ years of experience supporting a range of industry verticals.

eCommerce Fulfillment Supporting Multiple Verticals

PFS offers experience across a variety of industries, with a proven ability to meet and exceed the varying consumer expectations of each.

Building brand loyalty is key to continued business success. We work with each brand to determine the best combination of services for your specific needs, then we mold our solutions to support those requirements exactly.

Our 20+ years of experience supports successful eCommerce transactions for a range of evolving verticals, including:

Beauty & Cosmetics icon

Beauty & Cosmetics

PFS provides kitting, engraving, branded gift wrap and high-touch pack-out services. With specialized services such as climate controlled facilities, lot management, ORM-D support and peak planning, we help you create unforgettable customer experiences – all year long.

Jewelry icon


PFS provides the quality experience that the jewelry sector requires from start to finish. With exquisite pack-out services, and expert, special handling of high-value items, PFS has the proven security measures and scalable operations to meet peak demands without sacrificing quality, or the customer experience.

Luxury Goods icon


PFS manages operations for some of the world’s finest brands. We match the online experience to that of a brick-and-mortar luxury boutique , keeping a consistent brand representation across channels. From high-end, white-glove packout solutions to concierge-level customer care, PFS delivers the quality experience your customers demand.

Footwear icon


PFS provides dense storage solutions, multiple inventory turns and a robust but flexible returns program – however you wish your business to operate, our flexible solution can support your requirements. Whether footwear is your primary product line or a small part of your business, we offer the expertise to ensure proper handling.

Consumer Packaged Goods icon

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

PFS has a proven track record of successfully guiding CPG brands through the transition to a profitable direct to consume (DTC) operations. Having a BPO partner can help get DTC plans off the ground and alleviate any growing pains in the process. You have the products to drive customer adoption – PFS helps you connect digital shoppers to physical products.

Apparel icon


PFS support customized storage, cleaning, refurbishment, gifting and pack-out for all apparel types and ranges. We work with clients to personalize embroidery in accordance with brand stipulations and provide garment-on-hanger storage solutions.

PFS leverages its eCommerce capabilities to navigate evolving market shifts and keep your brand ahead of industry trends.

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