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eCommerce fulfillment across Europe

Europe eCommerce Fulfillment

Reach your customers across Europe from our in-region, centrally located distribution center based in Liège, Belgium. Equipped with scalable systems and flexible operations that support rapid demand fluctuations, our heavily branded solutions create positive experiences that inspire loyalty and support growth.

We understand your European eCommerce fulfillment challenges

The European market presents unique challenges when it comes to eCommerce. At PFS, we have extensive experience helping new and enterprise-level brands overcome these challenges through customized operations that consider requirements like:

  • Multiple currencies
  • VAT and customs documentation
  • Regional shopping habits
  • Multiple languages (including Cyrillic alphabet languages)

Benefits of Outsourcing Your European Fulfillment Services

Expert Knowledge

By engaging PFS to handle your EU logistics services, brands and retailers benefit from 25+ years of experience supporting successful eCommerce operations. Outsourcing with PFS, a proven 3PL with in-region EU fulfillment centers, relieves you of the responsibility of daily operational tasks so you can focus on product development, brand strategy, etc.

Your customers seek fast delivery, personalized shopping experiences and real-time communication regarding the status of their order. When you engage a 3PL in Europe to manage your eCommerce fulfillment operations, you can rely on our proximity as well as processes and technology that are specifically designed to meet and exceed those expectations – encouraging loyalty and adding value to your brand image.

By leveraging PFS’ proven solutions and expert knowledge, you gain access to:

  • Flexible, yet highly effective order processing
  • Efficient pick, pack and ship processes
  • Established carrier relationships
  • Cross-border expansion capabilities, in Europe and beyond
  • Scalability for short- and long-term growth
  • Best-in-class technology
  • Support for duties and taxes management
EU Locations Map

A strategic approach to international growth

PFS’ fulfillment centers in Liège and Southampton ensure you can provide exceptional brand experiences for your customers located throughout the Schengen area and the UK, including:

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland

As you seek to grow your brand, the ability to expand into international markets is critical in today’s global economy. However, international expansion is a complex undertaking. PFS’ simplified cross-border approach leveraging our European fulfillment network, Merchant of Record (MoR) services and unmatched eCommerce experience relieves you of the headaches that come with taking on new markets. Easily expand your reach to new regions, whether that’s in Europe or across the globe through our expert-guided, strategic approach to international eCommerce expansion.  

Simplifying VAT processing with Merchant of Record (MoR) services

The VAT tax requirements for European eCommerce fulfillment can be extremely complicated and difficult to manage. PFS’ MoR services streamline VAT processing. Acting as the MoR, PFS buys the product from your business at the time of the sale, immediately and transparently selling it to the customer. This means we are responsible for taxes and duties requirements, not the brand.

Multi-Node Fulfillment Across the UK and EU

Distributed fulfillment

Diversify your eCommerce fulfillment operations through a multi-node fulfillment operation leveraging powerful distributed order management (DOM) technology for effective inventory optimization. PFS can support your multi-node operations on a global scale with fulfillment centers based in Belgium, the UK, US and Canada.

International Multi-Node Fulfillment


  • Traditional fulfillment centers: Ship from multiple fulfillment centers located across Europe and the UK to ensure faster delivery and highly redundant operations wherever your customers are.
  • Omnichannel enablement: Leverage PFS’ RetailConnect store fulfillment technology within your storefronts, dark stores, etc. to optimize ship-from-store, store pick-up, local delivery and more.
  • Metro-fulfillment centers: Open long-term or short-term regional fulfillment centers utilizing lightweight infrastructure – mirroring a full distribution center operation at a fraction of the cost.

Cast Study: Wimbledon

PFS Client - Wimbledon

Cross-border eCommerce fulfillment

Wimbledon sought to elevate their eCommerce experience with best-in-class eCommerce fulfillment operations from the United Kingdom in support of domestic and international demand. The cross-border eCommerce solution supports international fulfillment across the globe from PFS’ UK-based distribution center.

Less than two months after going live in May of 2022, the solution effectively scaled to support peak demand during the annual tournament in July.








Alternate Technology


Eliminate any barriers to reaching your international customers outside the US with deep front-end localization from our cross-border shipping partners, combined with international shipping from the PFS distribution center(s) supporting your local operations.

Alternate Technology

What if you don’t outsource? Enable highly efficient order fulfillment processes within your own distribution centers, storefronts, and dark stores using PFS’ fulfillment technology products. Learn more about our store fulfillment and pick cart technology.


Learn more about how PFS can support your business globally.

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