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From eCommerce call center expertise to fulfillment and fraud protection, we work to keep our clients’ operations running smoothly – always. PFS is the operations business unit of PFSweb, Inc. For over two decades, we’ve developed our technology capabilities to meet the requirements of our wide ranging B2B and DTC clients. Today, as a leading 3PL, we offer creative personalization services, responsive customer care, efficient fulfillment, seamless omni-channel practices, and much more.

Over the years, we’ve also created specialized end-to-end eCommerce offerings alongside LiveArea, our sister business unit focused on marketing and technology solutions. We continue to innovate within the world of operations, thriving on positive client and customer experiences.


We are a PFSweb, Inc. brand, headquartered in Allen, Texas. PFSweb, Inc., is a leading provider of eCommerce and multichannel outsourcing solutions for global consumer brands, online retailers, and brand manufacturers.