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Experts in International eCommerce

Cross-Border eCommerce Fulfillment

Go the distance with PFS, your partner in cross-border expansion.

We equip brands and retailers to grow through a strategic cross-border approach that supports your business requirements at every stage of international expansion.


Grow your brand

Why is cross-border the future of eCommerce? It’s simple. Growth.

As brands and retailers seek to grow their business, the ability to expand into international markets is critical in today’s global economy. However, supporting the unique requirements of selling internationally and localizing operations to different markets is not a simple task. International expansion is a complex undertaking, but with PFS’ simplified cross-border approach, you are relieved of the headaches that come with taking on new markets.

  • International DC footprint supporting cost-effective, fast regional shipping and international fulfillment the world over
  • Cross-border partnerships that extend your reach with localized shopping experiences
  • Best-in-class technology suite for effective order routing, omnichannel enablement, inventory accuracy and more
  • Expansive carrier network that includes integrations with national and regional carriers
  • Management of duties and taxes, including Merchant of Record (MoR) services, VAT reporting and Section 321 fulfillment
  • Scalable solutions that support sudden demand spikes as well as long-term growth
  • Heavily branded solutions that support extensive personalization services for a differentiated experience that encourages loyalty
  • A single point of contact managing all your eCommerce needs, freeing up your team to focus on brand innovation

A strategic approach to international eCommerce expansion

Depending on the level of demand you are experiencing internationally, PFS’ cross-border eCommerce experts guide you to the solution that best support your international customers. Our staged approach allows you to grow your presence in new regions as demand increases.

Chart - 3 Stages of International Growth


Cross-border partnerships

Together, PFS works with cross-border shipping partners to ensure that brands and retailers can support customers the world over in a timely manner, with no hidden fees upon delivery. We stay on top of the latest cross-border eCommerce trends and consumer expectations to provide seamless shopping experiences that meet customer demand, regardless of their location.

PFS - Now part of GXO

Cross-Border Partners

Customizable post-purchase solutions

Front-end website localization

Branded order fulfillment

Local pricing/currencies

Scalable solution the flex to meet demand

Local and alternative payment methods

Large DC network supporting expansion to in-region fulfillment

Fully landed costs at check out

Fully integrated solution supporting quick implementation

Advanced duty and tax calculation

Large global carrier network

The difference a day makes.

From our strategically located Liège facility, orders can reach 90% of France and 86% of Germany next day via ground shipment.


Global PFS distribution center footprint

When you are ready to run, PFS’ multi-node fulfillment solution, which leverages PFS distribution centers across North America and Western Europe, provides in-country and regional operations for fast delivery wherever your customers are.

  • Dallas, TX
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Memphis, TN
  • Southampton, UK
  • Liège, BE
  • Toronto, ON
International Multi-Node Fulfillment


Cast Study: Wimbledon

PFS Client - Wimbledon

Cross-border eCommerce fulfillment

Wimbledon sought to elevate their eCommerce experience with best-in-class eCommerce fulfillment operations from the United Kingdom in support of domestic and international demand. The cross-border eCommerce solution supports international fulfillment across the globe from PFS’ UK-based distribution center.

Less than two months after going live in May of 2022, the solution effectively scaled to support peak demand during the annual tournament in July.







Are you ready to go cross-border?

Talk to a PFS expert today about implementing cross-border eCommerce operations for your brand.

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