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Working towards a more sustainable future, together.


PFS provides eCommerce fulfillment to brands across a variety of industries, from beauty and cosmetics to sportswear, jewelry and more. We have the capabilities to provide sustainable solutions that suit your brand, we won’t compromise on style or brand identity.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Start-ups and enterprise brands alike turn to PFS to support and fulfill their DTC and B2B online orders. Why do they choose PFS? Because we put your brand first every time and we customize our services to suit exactly what you, and your customers, need.  

We believe that it is important to work with a provider that shares your vision for a sustainable future. Whether you are looking to implement more eco-friendly options with your packaging and dunnage or work with us all the way through to fulfillment, we work alongside you to progress your sustainability initiatives. 

At PFS, we are constantly expanding our knowledge and updating our solutions. We hold ourselves accountable as a business and look to uplift the brands we work with in the same way. Our goal is to move towards a sustainable future together by being willing to take on the sustainable objectives the brands we support are working towards in house and offering sustainable alternatives to our own operations.  

If you are on the same journey, we can help you with your sustainable development. Download PFS’ latest Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards report.

Supporting Client Sustainability Goals

How do we enable brands to increase sustainability across their operations 

  • Paperless Picking: This eco-friendly method eliminates the need for paper during the picking process. Instead, the picking list is replaced with an electronic shelf display. Not only does this ensure less waste, but it increases productivity Search time is kept to a minimum, the system is continuously being updated electronically, reducing errors along with the inventory being updated swiftly. Not to mention, it is quick to learn, reducing induction and training times for employees. 
  • Creating Optimum Solutions for Brands: If a brand comes to us with a need for more sustainable packaging, we can work alongside our provider to re-design their packaging. Using the exact sizes, considering the time taken to follow the packing process, and working to minimize time and materials, while optimizing efficiency. 
  • Sourcing: We source recycled and recyclable packaging materials for our clients. 
  • Right Size Packaging: We pack items in boxes built to fit them. With less excess and unneeded space in the package, there is much less chance of breakage, which also reduces returns. Right size packaging allows us to fit more onto the delivery trucks, meaning less trucks on the road and increased efficiency. 
  • Water Activated Tape: This is a paper-based tape, which bonds strongly to packaging. It is nearly impossible to rip and tough to puncture. So not only is this a recyclable and more sustainable option than traditional plastic tape, but it is also tamper proof, making it a more secure option. 
  • Technology: Our warehouse management technology can support your brands eco-friendly packaging check-out options. You can now give your customers the option to choose more sustainable packaging, such as simplified packaging that reduces waste compared to the standard high-end brand packaging. 

We are always willing to discuss new ideas with our clients and implement new measures within our processes. Sustainable development options are constantly evolving, and by keeping up with these changes, we can stay at the cutting edge of sustainable solutions.

Our Clients

These are just a few of our current clients who have chosen to implement sustainable practices through their solution with PFS. 

PFS Client - Rare Beauty
PFS Client - LOreal
PFS Client - Pandora

Learn more about our sustainable processes and how we can support your brand’s eco-efforts. 

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