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Cross-Border eCommerce Whitepaper

Cross-Border eCommerce – The Global Trend That’s Here to Stay

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Our cross-border eCommerce whitepaper concentrates on the current and future growth of the cross-border retail industry, a trend that’s been gaining exceptional momentum in the last few years.

You’ll find information about…

  • Cross-Border Sales – As the cross-border eCommerce network continues to mature, digital consumers are becoming more comfortable shopping abroad.
  • Why Customers are Shopping Abroad – From cheaper prices to the accessibility of items not found in certain geographies, there are many reasons shoppers look for products internationally.
  • Primary Sellers and Markets – As the market has matured, three key players have accrued the largest revenues from cross-border online retail. We present the statistics and trends associated with each major country.
  • Products Shoppers are Buying – Cross-border eCommerce enables shoppers to buy virtually anything they want from whatever digital store they choose. Learn what shoppers are pressing the buy button on.
  • Cross-Border Obstacles – Consumers are primarily concerned with high shipping costs, long delivery times, and transactions security. We consider whether these global impediments are enough to outweigh the advantages of shopping cross-border.



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