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Efficient, reliable, and brand-forward solutions to streamline your eCommerce operations.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) eCommerce Fulfillment

The world’s leading brands turn to PFS for eCommerce fulfillment that delivers on modern consumer expectations. Powered by proprietary, seamlessly integrated OMS and WMS technology, our DTC and B2B eCommerce fulfillment services:

  • Offer a vast distribution center network supporting fast delivery, wherever your customers are
  • Are agile and flexible, supporting short and long-term scalability for fluctuating demand
  • Reinforce the brand through customized pick and pack processes
  • Inspire long-term loyalty and growth through positive brand interactions

What is eCommerce fulfillment?

eCommerce order fulfillment refers to each step required to complete an online order post click. This means everything that happens from the time your customer clicks the “Buy Now” button to the delivery of the package at their doorstep – continuing through to returns processing when needed.

From receiving and putting away inventory, to picking, packing and shipping orders, each component of an eCommerce fulfillment solution must be strategically executed and come together to create a seamless operation that flexes and scales as demand fluctuates. To ensure efficiency and accuracy that results in high customer satisfaction, eCommerce fulfillment operations employ system-driven processes, a powerful warehouse management system and advanced automation technology.

Traditionally supported via a centralized distribution “hub”, modern order fulfillment operations are increasingly supported from a network of distribution centers spread across various regions. By decentralizing activity, brands can better support increasing consumer demand for fast, low-cost and eco-conscious delivery methods.

PFS Fulfillment | eCommerce Operations

Why is eCommerce fulfillment important?

Elevating your brand online through your direct channels requires a streamlined eCommerce fulfillment operation that adds value by delivering consistently positive customer interactions. However, there are a myriad of challenges brands must overcome to achieve such an operation.

  • Fluctuating demand – Navigating the operational challenges posed by unpredictable demand fluctuations resulting from peak seasons, viral events, promotions, etc.
  • Inventory optimization – Distributing inventory across multiple DCs, channels, and regions, ensuring you have the right product in the right place at the right time.
  • Demand for faster delivery – Balancing heightened customer expectations for rapid deliveries while navigating carrier complexities and rising shipping costs.
  • Global expansion – Capitalizing on international growth while navigating customs, duties, VAT processing and other cross-border fulfillment barriers.
  • Rising return rates – Designing streamlined reverse logistics process that uphold customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Eco-friendly practices – Incorporating sustainable practices throughout the fulfillment operation to meet consumer demand for a holistic approach to sustainability.

Trying to overcome these challenges and more in-house can divert attention from core business activities. Enlisting PFS’ proven 3PL services allows your team to focus on what you do best – cultivating your brand identity and fostering growth – while gaining extensive experience, advanced technology, proven processes, and established infrastructure that take your eCommerce fulfillment operations to the next level.

How fulfillment works

What does next-level fulfillment look like with PFS? Our brand-forward, system-driven approach delivers a seamless operation that supports all of your post-click order fulfillment requirements.

PFS Order Fulfillment Operation Diagram
PFS Order Fulfillment Operation Diagram

Why it works?

At the heart of every solution we support at PFS is your brand. Each solution is custom tailored to reinforce individual brand priorities, capturing your spirit and values within every order that leaves our facility and consistently delivering on customer expectations.

PFS Order Fulfillment Operation

Efficient receiving process ensures seamless entry of inventory into our facilities. We verify quantities against purchase orders and check product for quality. We then store or unload pallets following brand-specific SOPs.

After receiving, inventory is putaway to designated locations, optimizing warehouse space to facilitate a highly efficient flow. Storage locations range from bulk pallet locations to box lot storage to gravity-fed carton flow racking and more.

We support several automated picking processes depending on product requirements. Solutions include light-to-light, put-to-light, paperless pack slips and more, each supporting swift and accurate picking.

We equip you to go the extra mile with personalized orders through our value added services. This is where brands can deliver experiences that set them apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression that fosters loyalty.

Our QA professionals and technology-driven processes ensure that every customer order contains the right products in pristine condition. QA processes are conducted at different points of the fulfillment process according to client requirements.

From minimal right-size packaging to intricate white-glove services, we do it all. Our packout operations are fully customized to ensure accurate brand representation and positive unboxing experiences with each delivery.

We ensure orders make it to the loading dock and into the delivery truck well within agreed turnaround times, and our transportation management services help you navigate the complicated carrier landscape to define a strategy that supports your needs.

Like every other element of our fulfillment offering, we offer customized returns processing and reverse logistics services that prioritize swift refunds and exchanges for a positive customer experience. Our system-driven process incorporates product inspection and sorting, certified destruction, product repairs and more.

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What business verticals does PFS support?

PFS supports DTC and B2B and verticals. operations for a range of retailers and brands across verticals. We excel at supporting health and beauty, consumer packaged goods, apparel, jewelry and footwear brands. This is largely due to the flexibility of our highly customizable systems and operations, as well as our commitment to a high-touch customer experience. We also offer experience supporting other verticals such as technology, government organizations and office products. Learn more about our industry vertical expertise.

How do you compete with 2-day delivery expectations?

Our multi-node fulfillment operations, combined with efficient pick/pack/ship operations offering the latest cutoff times ensure PFS can get orders on their way to your customers quickly and accurately. We maintain strong carrier relationships that enable our clients to benefit from better rates, including 2-day shipping at ground rates for qualifying packages.

Can you support seasonal volume fluctuations?

Yes! When it comes to scalability, we are the pros. From storage capacity to systems and personnel, PFS offers scalability to support high and low demand fluctuations in every solution area. Our facilities are strategically located in areas with large labor pools. Our operations team is highly skilled at maximizing our footprint to meet bulk and pick area storage requirements. Finally, and critically, our systems scale on the fly to meet any surge in demand.

See more on how PFS handles peak season volumes here. We can handle your peak!

How do you ensure quality throughout the fulfillment operation?

PFS’ proven technology and processes ensure quality and efficiency across DTC and B2B fulfillment operations. The solution is system-driven, from pick paths and lighted pick carts, to FEFO and FIFO lot management, quality checks at packout, inbound returns tracking and more. The PFS solution leaves as little room for human error as possible.

Why PFS?

PFS offers 20+ years of experience as a 3PL provider. Over the years, our technology and processes have been refined and perfected to meet modern-day product requirements, demand fluctuations and, most importantly, ever-evolving consumer expectations. When you partner with PFS, we commit to a solution that is designed to meet your goals exactly and lets your brand shine.

We are here to enable your growth, adding value with every delivery.


Learn more about our carefully crafted offerings and extensive experience in the industry.

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