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PFS supports and fulfills DTC and B2B online orders for premier CPG brands and retailers.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Fulfillment Services

PFS supports and fulfills DTC and B2B online orders for premier CPG brands and retailers.

Why do top-tier consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands choose PFS as their eCommerce fulfillment partner?

Your brand is in good hands with PFS.

By working with us, CPG brands can engage proven technology and expertise to meet customer demand on an international level and at scale.

At PFS, your solution is designed to provide customized storage solutions, accurate and transparent inventory management, and a flexible returns program – however you wish your business to operate, our flexible solutions can support your requirements. Whether CPG is your primary product line or a small part of your business, we offer the expertise to ensure proper handling.

For 25+ years, PFS has served the consumer packaged goods industry, delivering on each brand’s unique identity with every customer interaction.

CPG Fulfillment with PFS

A proven track record of success allows PFS to guide CPG brands to a successful eCommerce operation across direct-to-consumer (DTC) and business-to-business (B2B) activities. PFS enables you to get your products into the hands of your digital shoppers efficiently with accurate brand representation.

For eCommerce fulfillment that exceeds customer expectations, brands turn to PFS.

Effortlessly serving your customers in style, PFS offers a wide range of value-added services (VAS), including personalization, kitting, elaborate packaging, sustainable materials, and gift wrapping.

PFS CPG fulfillment solutions support:

  • Product security: From secure facilities to restricted access areas for high-end brands.
  • Inventory control: To ensure all products are stored securely and accurately tracked for loss prevention.
  • High-touch customer service: For accurate brand representation across channels (email, chat and voice) reiterating each brand’s identity and values throughout.
  • Scalability to any volume: Technology driven picking, system controls, and built-in quality assurance minimize training for quick scalability, high productivity, and accuracy no matter the volume.
  • Sustainability: High-end, customizable brand packaging, with a variety of sustainable options.
  • Value-added services: Customizing the experience through product personalization, labeling, sku-driven kitting, product bundles and more.
  • Transparency and flexible control: Full visibility through a single point of contact and reporting portal offering real time solution information.
PFS Order Fulfillment
PFS Customer Care
PFS Order Management
PFS Payment & Fraud

At PFS, our services expand beyond the distribution center to include the full suite of post-click operational requirements. This includes customer service, order management, fraud prevention and payment processing solutions that have been proven time and again throughout our 25+ years supporting brands online. With a focus on your brand across every touchpoint, we keep your individual standards front and center through every step of the post-purchase customer journey.

What is a 3PL CPG fulfillment provider?

A Consumer Packaged Goods, or CPG, fulfillment provider will take on the fast-paced and competitive needs of your CPG brand and ensure that all aspects of the logistics are completely taken care of. From storage, inventory management and control, to shipping, international deliveries, and processing returns, a CPG 3PL provider will have solutions in place to deliver a seamless post-click operation.

Why use a consumer-packaged goods fulfillment provider?

Consumer packaged goods (CPGs) are often in high demand as products that people use frequently. It makes sense to outsource the sometimes-complex CPG logistics, so you can focus on your brand. A CPG fulfillment provider will already have a system in place that can supply quick turnaround, fast shipping, and the ability to store and track substantial amounts of inventory. Accurately representing your brand through tailored services, a premium 3PL fully embraces your brand identity.

Do you handle returns and exchanges?

Yes, PFS supplies end-to-end CPG returns processing, including product inspection, and packaging based on your brand guidelines. We use client-defined return codes for detailed reporting and integrate with client and carrier systems for enhanced inventory visibility. Where possible or desired, products returned to saleable inventory or, if unsalable, the stock can be stored, dispositioned, destroyed, or rotated back to the brand or supplier.

How do you handle international shipping for CPG fulfillment?

For international shipping we work with our trusted partners to provide seamless cross-border shopping experiences to customers worldwide with no hidden fees upon delivery. Our multi-node CPG fulfillment solution offers fast delivery internationally, with the same care as our domestic CPG orders.

PFS is the premier eCommerce order fulfillment provider for CPG brands selling DTC and B2B online

Contact us to find out how we can support your CPG brand.

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