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25+ years of experience supporting even the most complex solution requirements.

Distributed Order Management Services

PFS manages all the complex order-to-cash details and back-end operational work so you can focus on delighting your customers and growing your business.

We work to streamline your order-to-cash (O2C) cycle, free up your human and capital resources and remove constraints to your growth – all within a single, centralized platform.

Order Management Services Diagram

PFS Order-to-Cast (O2C) Platform

Our O2C platform includes order management services, payment processing and fraud management, along with a complete array of technical and operational support services. This “business function as a service” model offers full-service order management with cloud benefits that turn CapEx into OpEx.

Order Management Services

With our order management services, your eCommerce operations benefit from reliable, highly scalable order management functionality. Stop struggling with poor visibility, mismatched accounts and late shipments, and discover what a smooth order process looks like from initial order placement through payment processing to the drop to the WMS. 

Services include:

  • Distributed order management (DOM) technology
  • Integration with website, payment and ERP systems including drop ship vendors
  • Subscription technology
  • Lot management processes
  • Tax and VAT calculations, with multi-currency support
  • Order and ship confirmation emails
  • Payment reconciliation services
  • Merchant of Record services
  • Omnichannel capabilities
  • Fraud prevention based on industry profile
  • PCI compliance


These key features set our O2C offering apart from ordinary legacy or cloud-based order management systems.  


Our reporting portal equips you with easy access to all solution data via a customizable dashboard that you can access whenever and however you want. Keep track of your operations in real-time with high-level, big picture views as well as detailed reporting on your fulfillment operations, customer service, etc.

Payment & Fraud

Leverage our experienced team and best-in-class technology partnerships for secure payment processing and seamless fraud management. With customizable rules and strategies, our team monitors your activity according to the balance of service and risk you define. Learn more about PFS Payment & Fraud Management.

Customer Service App

Arm your customer service agents with complete visibility into the PFS order management system through our proprietary iCommerce Agent customer service tool. Quick access to customer information, order status, history and more provide a personalized customer service experience. Learn more about iCommerce Agent.

International Services

We support international and multicurrency payment processing for your B2C and B2B operations. Additionally, our Merchant of Record services allow retailers to quickly implement eCommerce operations across the UK and EU. This solution leverages a flash sell model coupled with invoicing, reporting and filing services that eliminate the pain of VAT and tax calculations.

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How are PFS’ order management services different?

Most order management systems fall under one of two categories. There’s the enterprise system which requires a costly, time consuming implementation and is expensive to maintain. Then there are the cloud-based solutions that may be more cost-effective and easier to set up, but provide limited functionality with minimal customizability.

Our order management services offer a unique solution that falls in between these two categories. You get the depth of functionality and customizability available through enterprise systems, with the quick implementation and maintenance-free benefits of the cloud. Retailers seeking to quickly implement a customizable, yet cost-effective solution that can handle the complex logistics around placing, processing, and distributing eCommerce orders will benefit from our order management services.

Can you support omnichannel requirements?

Yes! We empower retailers to meet the omnichannel expectations of today’s consumers. Integrations with KIBO and OrderDynamics® allow for omnichannel inventory management, BOPIS and store fulfillment.

The PFS Distributed Order Management (DOM) system facilitates intelligent order routing in support of fulfillment operations shipping from multiple distribution centers as well as store fulfillment operations.

Will your system integrate with my existing ERP?

Our systems support any-to-any integration. Our integration experience includes various eCommerce platforms, alternative payment methods, international payment providers, gift cards, cross border solutions, ERP platforms and legacy client systems.

How do you ensure the security of my customers’ data?

All PFS offerings are PCI Level 1 version 3.2.1 compliant, meaning our systems comply with the Payment Card Industry’s guidelines for cardholder data security across the complete order-to-cash lifecycle. Security is also a top priority in our hiring practices and facilities management.

Why PFS O2C?

Our fully integrated order management, payment and fraud services provide a reliable, scalable solution supporting the entire O2C cycle. Beyond simply streamlining operations for retailers who have grown tired of dealing with multiple vendors across services, our O2C platform eliminates a host of eCommerce challenges. From system calculated shipment dates to payment reconciliation services to “eaches” processing, web-based reporting, an aggregated system of record and more, the advanced features of PFS’ O2C platform fill the gaps traditional order management systems leave, enabling you to provide seamless, loyalty-inspiring customer experiences.

Client Case Study

A Complete O2C Operation

A fashion-forward brand needed a provider who could set up O2C operations for their US eCommerce business and wanted a partner who had experience with the fashion industry. PFS provided best practice guidance for setting up order management, payment and fraud services (the complete 02C operation) according to the brand’s business rules and goals.  

The solution includes integration of OrderDynamics with the brand’s front-end platform, allowing for efficient order routing between facilities on opposite coasts. Orders are system-directed to the appropriate warehouse based on ship-to and inventory levels. When one facility exceeds capacity, a frequent occurrence during peak, orders are automatically transferred to the other facility. The solution also supports lot management and omnichannel operations. 


Learn more about our carefully crafted offerings and extensive experience in the industry.

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