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BPO Poser vs. Pro

BPO Poser vs. Pro Infographic: How to Spot the Real Deal

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In response to the dramatic increase in eCommerce demand beginning in 2020, a wave of new BPOs have popped up, recognizing an opportunity to take advantage of desperate brands and retailers seeking support in the new digital-first retail environment. However, many of these providers lack the experience and expertise required to support a comprehensive eCommerce operation and all the many nuances and requirements involved with that.

Following last year’s record peak season, 54% of retailers planned to outsource alternative fulfillment operations in 2021. Unfortunately, identifying the right BPO to support the various challenges unique to eCommerce (think fluctuating demand, accurate brand representation and personalized customer care) is more difficult in a cluttered market.

In the following infographic, we divulge how to spot an eCommerce BPO poser vs. pro, so you can identify for yourself who you can (and who you can’t) trust with your most valuable asset – your brand.


eCommerce BPO Poser vs. Pro Infographic

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