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Increase picking efficiency with CloudPick℠ pick carts.

CloudPick℠ Smart Warehouse Pick Carts

Increase picking speed, reduce pick errors, shorten training time and lower overall operating costs with CloudPick℠ pick carts. 

Priced on a subscription model, our CloudPick carts are pre-built, lighted pick carts for deployment within your existing fulfillment operations. The carts are powered by a cloud-based pick module that integrates via API or a manual file upload.

How It Works

CloudPick carts are rolling wire carts equipped with state-of-the-art technology components from Pcdata. Simple API connections enable communication of shipment information and pick paths from your WMS to the carts. Typically, other pick cart solutions require server hardware and infrastructure, but this API connection transmitted via Wi-Fi eliminates the extra expense and implementation time.

The carts guide pickers through the pick path with put-to-light picking, one of the most effective and efficient small-piece picking methods. Each bin is placed on the cart above a corresponding LED light and a packing slip is assigned to the bin. When an item is picked, lights below the appropriate bins turn on to indicate where the item should be placed and displays the quantity. After placing the product(s) in the bin, the picker pushes the light to confirm the pick is completed before moving on to the next item.

CloudPick Diagram detailing pick path from cart to cloud and pick results from cloud to cart

CloudPick technology averages a 25% increase in productivity over voice-controlled picking.

PFS CloudPick Cart

The Cart

The carts are configured to order, offering varying bin sizes to meet each brand’s unique product dimensions. However, adjustable parts means changes to your product mix are easily accommodated. Each pre-built cart includes everything needed to begin picking the day it arrives.


  • Lighted components
  • Product bins (30, 60 or 120 capacity)
  • Batteries
  • RF scan gun
  • Display screen
  • Scan sheet
  • IoT device
  • Ongoing support (includes technical support, cart maintenance, instructions, training materials and access to real-time reporting)

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