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Business continuity for peak and year-round spikes in eCommerce volume.

Peak Support

At PFS, we are the peak experts. Across our eCommerce solution, we provide the scalable systems, flexible operations and effective staff augmentation required to keep up with demand — all while supporting branded solutions that grow your business and encourage long-term loyalty.

We know many retailers experience peak-like demand at other times of the year outside the traditional end-of-year peak season. The PFS solution is designed to support increased demand year-round.  Whether you need support for forecasted spikes during Cyber-week, the back-to-school shopping season or Valentine’s Day, or for unexpected surges resulting from things like celebrity shout outs, media coverage or even a global pandemic, our scalable solution has you covered.

Customer Service

Flex Solution

PFS’ Flex Solution for customer service equips you with quick scalability that ensures business continuity through planned and unplanned spikes.

The Flex Solution includes:

  • Reduced startup cost: Low-cost start up includes a 5+ person flex team trained to use your systems, maintaining a consistent experience across teams
  • Quick implementation: Quick two-week implementation scales your customer service operations in no time at all
  • Staff augmentation: Flex team manages the most common WISMO inquiries, escalating calls to your product specialists as appropriate

PFS’ Flex Solution helps you stay afloat during your busiest seasons.

Best Practice Guidance

PFS is well versed in the issues that can occur during peak demand periods. From major email backlogs, to extended hold times, to uncontrollable events that impact support availability, we’ve helped clients through it all. Our solutions experts work closely with you to understand your brand’s priorities and implement best practices that ensure business continuity with support that is consistent with the expectations of your customers.

Staff Augmentation

Our Customer Service operations leverage a work-from-home (WFH) staffing model which provide a diverse candidate pool that ensures we can quickly locate highly qualified agents to ramp up support as needed. The WFH model also provides a flexible work environment for agents that improves employee satisfaction and enables us to maintain lower than average attrition rates and improved attendance. This translates to more experienced agents who are able to provide enhanced experiences for your customers.


Adaptable Staff

All of our facilities are strategically located in areas that offer a strong workforce that allows us to quickly and effectively scale our operations as needed. Additionally, within each distribution center, production workers are cross-trained to support brands across the facility. When one client experiences a surge in demand, we are able to quickly shift personnel across the facility, or in the case of our Memphis-area distribution hub, from one facility to another to quickly scale support.

Multi-Node Fulfillment Solution

PFS operates a global fulfillment network with distribution centers located across the US, UK, Canada and Europe. With powerful Distributed Order Management (DOM) technology, we route orders to the appropriate distribution center for fulfillment depending on the delivery destination. In addition to getting product closer to customers, multi-node fulfillment spreads out inventory, so when an unexpected event occurs at one location, production doesn’t have to stop. With a simple update to the DOM, orders can be routed to another location for fulfillment.

Alternative Fulfillment


RetailConnect enhances your omnichannel operations by automating in-store picking operations in support of ship-from-store or buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) activity.

RetailConnect enables a hybrid store model that equips your brick-and-mortar locations to increase its output. Doubling as a physical store and a micro-fulfillment center, you are equipped to take full advantage of the store’s inventory, whether the location is opened or closed.

Pop-up DCs

Pop-up distribution centers spread inventory across geographic regions, getting product closer to consumers and enabling faster delivery times – especially important during peak gift buying season. These temporary spaces can also become permanent fixtures, operating as a micro-fulfillment center that provides relief for your primary fulfillment center(s) when necessary.


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