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Fast, affordable transportation services delivering the best value for your customers

Transportation Management Services (TMS)

PFS’ transportation offering includes strategy and brokerage services that help brands and retailers establish friction-free transportation activities on a global scale.

If you are seeking to reduce your parcel spend, establish faster shipping options, or broaden supply chain support — or maybe all the above — we have you covered. Leveraging proven best practices, existing carrier relationships and negotiated rates, we manage your transportation activities with efficiency and scalability.


Parcel Support Services

Our end-to-end Transportation Management services are an innovative, streamlined approach to parcel support that is tailored to your DTC business exactly. We evaluate your shipping volume to determine the best approach for your business, including determining how many fulfillment nodes are required to best support your volume, establishing the optimal location(s) for your distribution operations, and providing access to cost-effective carrier services.

Our parcel support services…

  • Relieve your team of most administrative tasks, including claims administration, scheduling, etc.
  • Simplify accounts payable (AP) by combining all carrier invoices into one
  • Freight audit services that eliminate additional expenses from surcharges and accessorials
  • Define a data-driven strategy for your multi-node network based on your business needs
  • Provide reliable, automated processes via our parcel optimization engine , ensuring consistency, accuracy and flexibility

Real-time flexibility

The flexibility enabled through our program equips us to adjust operations on the fly based on “dock knowledge” and other packing and shipping knowledge that only we have access to as your 3PL provider. This flexibility means we can make real-time parcel selection based on transit time, weight, performance, location, etc. This ensures you can reduce costs whenever possible without sacrificing service.

For instance, we can decide which label to print depending on which carriers have already picked up for the day and which are still to come. We can incorporate carrier pickup times, time of day, trailer capacity, actual packout dimensions/weight, and more.

We know what’s happening “on the ground” and we make the best decision for your business and your customers based on this knowledge.

Carrier diversity

Gain better rates for your business and eliminate capacity constraints through our extensive carrier relationships, including regional and national carriers, while handing off the administrative hassle of parcel shipping and billing. We leverage overall client volume to surpass minimum thresholds, which provides access to more carriers and better rates than most small to mid-size businesses can find. If you are a larger, enterprise business, our expert negotiators can still work to reduce your rates.

Reduce surcharges

We conduct freight audits as a part of our carrier management services, with a focus on negotiating or eliminating additional expenses from surcharges and accessorials in an effort to provide more control over rising shipping costs. This also ensures optimal carrier selection for cost efficiency and customer experience.

Unlock carrier diversity – more options and more capacity


A comprehensive transportation management solution, PFS also provides less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) services for your outbound shipments to B2B customers and retailers as well as inbound inventory. Utilizing strong carrier relationships and negotiated rates from combined client volume, we greatly simplify the inbound and outbound transfer of product while cutting costs.

Retail chargeback support

For omnichannel brands, retail compliance is extremely important and a critical component to the success of your business. PFS’ TMS platform automates the decision-making and execution of your B2B fulfillment activities, ensuring accuracy while reducing and eliminating retail chargebacks. Customized to the guidelines provided by you and your trading partners, the solution is designed and implemented to your specifications which optimize carrier selection and ensure accuracy.

Spot rates

As supply and demand fluctuates throughout the year, carriers will often issue spot rates that are below standard to fill trucks and optimize routes. As a standard practice, PFS regularly compares spot rates with contracted rates, often making decisions on the fly to use the spot rates in order to lower costs.

Replenishment services

Inventory management is often a struggle for multichannel brands. PFS’ LTL and FTL replenishment services take into account your allocations to the DTC and B2B channels to systematically determine how much to send to each function and ensure inventory is optimized across channels.


Learn more about our carefully crafted offerings and extensive experience in the industry.

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