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Empower your agents to provide highly responsive customer care with iCommerce Agent.

iCommerce Agent Customer Service App

Applying our philosophy of flexibility and quality, our proprietary customer service application, iCommerce Agent, automates contact identification, process flows, and resolution tracking while facilitating transfers and escalations.

If you are:

  • looking to equip agents with real-time order information,
  • seeking to empower agents to know your customers better,
  • wanting to create more consistent support operations,
  • struggling to track contact history, or
  • in need of a way to compile customer insights…

iCommerce Agent is for you.

iCommerce Agent seamlessly guides agent interactions within PFS’ contact centers, but brands with existing customer service operations, whether in-house or with a third party, can license the tool and leverage its benefits within an existing facility. In both scenarios, iCommerce Agent’s advanced contact handling functionality equips your agents to provide efficient, highly personalized support.

How It Works

iCommerce Agent is an interface providing agents simultaneous access to your front-end website, customer information from PFS’ OMS, up-sell/cross-sell guidance, scripting, messaging, contact flow assistance, and more. Accurate dispositioning within the tool improves the customer experience, while comprehensive tracking and reporting enable your management team to make informed decisions.

Key features:

  • Integration to your website and OMS allows agents to place orders and provide real time order status
  • Agents are equipped to appease customers according to a brand’s guidelines
  • Scripting and workflows guide agents through calls and facilitate escalations
  • Notes and contact history features empowering agents with detailed customer information
  • Call disposition and voice of the customer tracking for a better understanding of customers
  • Disposition reporting allows brands to know their customers and how the business is performing
  • Customer survey capturing customer feedback
  • Quiz mode updates and tests agents on new or recursive material

Voice of the Customer

iCommerce Agent includes Voice of the Customer (VOC) tracking and reporting via the PFS reporting portal. Supporting multiple languages, VOC offers another way to gather positive and negative customer feedback regarding your products, services and processes. Empower your quality and product teams to better understand customers and drive brand loyalty.  

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Custom after-contact customer surveys are optionally available through iCommerce Agent, including IVR-based surveys, live agent surveys during the contact session and email surveys. Your PFS Business Management team compiles and tabulates the survey data for you. 

With iCommerce Agent, 99% of agent actions are only one click away.

PFS iCommerce Agent

iCommerce Agent

Within iCommerce Agent’s clear and simple graphical interface, 99% of the actions taken by agents are only one click away, resulting in faster training time with higher quality service. These features are displayed on a single screen within the iCommerce Agent interface.

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