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Custom solutions designed to meet your unique business requirements.

DTC & B2B eCommerce Support Across Industries

PFS offers wide ranging experience across verticals. No two solutions are exactly alike, each brand has their unique priorities driven by product requirements, customer expectations, omnichannel strategies and more. We work closely with each client to build a solution to those requirements exactly.


PFS provides kitting, engraving, branded gift wrap and high-touch pack-out services. With specialized services such as climate controlled facilities, lot management, ORM-D support and peak planning, we help you create unforgettable customer experiences – all year long.


PFS support customized storage, cleaning, refurbishment, gifting and pack-out for all apparel types and ranges. We work with clients to personalize embroidery in accordance with brand stipulations and provide garment-on-hanger storage solutions.


PFS provides dense storage solutions, multiple inventory turns and a robust but flexible returns program – however you wish your business to operate, our flexible solution can support your requirements. Whether footwear is your primary product line or a small part of your business, we offer the expertise to ensure proper handling.

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