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Canadian fulfillment with cross-border benefits.

Canada eCommerce Fulfillment

Whether you are shipping to customers across Canada or looking for a streamlined border entry process to the US, PFS’ Canadian operations can support for your cross-border eCommerce strategy.

Location Benefits

Toronto, Canada

Fast, high-touch distribution to your Canadian customers from in-country facilities located near Toronto Pearson International Airport and major highways that allow for 1-2 day ground service to 70% of Canada’s population. Just 90 miles from the US border, this location also supports cross-border deliveries into the US.

PFS Canada Location - Toronto, Canada

Distributed Fulfillment

Diversify your eCommerce fulfillment operations through a multi-node fulfillment operation that leverages one or all solution offerings from PFS.


  • Traditional fulfillment centers: Ensure fast delivery and redundant operations with two fulfillment centers located in the Toronto area.
  • Omnichannel enablement: Leverage PFS’ RetailConnect store fulfillment technology within storefronts, dark stores, etc. to optimize ship-from-store, store pick-up, local delivery and more.
  • Metro-fulfillment centers: Open long-term or short-term regional fulfillment centers utilizing lightweight infrastructure – mirroring a full distribution center operation at a fraction of the cost.

Section 321


Alternate Technology

Section 321

In accordance with the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, we ship qualifying DTC orders into the US duty-free for a more streamlined border entry process


In addition to enabling brands to take advantage of Section321 fulfillment, eliminate any barriers to reaching international customers outside of Canada with deep front-end localization from our cross-border partners, combined with international shipping from the PFS distribution center(s) supporting your local operations.

Alternate Technology

What if you don’t outsource? Enable highly efficient order fulfillment processes within your own distribution centers, storefronts, and dark stores using PFS’ fulfillment technology products. Learn more about our store fulfillment and pick cart technology,


Learn more about how PFS can support your business globally.

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