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Branded and fast fulfillment across the United States.

US eCommerce Fulfillment

Our multi-node operations are in place to help you follow through on brand promises. Equip your brand to reach its highest potential by providing consistent service to your customers regardless of where they are in the country.

Location Benefits

United States

PFS’ fulfillment centers are strategically located to enable cost-effective delivery across the country, whether from a single, centralized distribution center (DC) or multiple DCs in a multi-node operation.

Multiple PFS locations in the US including Memphis, Dallas, Las Vegas


  • Dallas: Located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and just a short drive from the DFW international airport, this DC ensures redundancy, expands output capacity and allows for quick scalability during peak periods.
  • Memphis: Home to hubs for both UPS and FedEx as well as the world’s largest cargo airport, PFS strategically opened our first fulfillment campus in Memphis back in 1994. With multiple DCs within minutes of each other, this campus allows us to shift workers on the fly in response to fluctuating demand.
  • Las Vegas: Our Las Vegas DCs support faster time-in-transit for West Coast orders — without the higher cost of an in-state presence in California. Brands supported here benefit from close proximity to Inland Empire, ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles, LAX airport and major freeways.

Distributed Fulfillment

Diversify your eCommerce fulfillment operations through a multi-node fulfillment operation that leverages one or all fulfillment offerings from PFS.


  • Traditional multi-node fulfillment: Ship from multiple fulfillment centers located across three nodes – Memphis, Dallas and Las Vegas – to support 1-2 day shipping across the East and West coast. You can also leverage PFS facilities located in the UK, EU and Canada via this method.
  • Omnichannel enablement: Leverage PFS’ RetailConnect store fulfillment technology within your storefronts, dark stores, etc. to optimize ship-from-store, store pick-up, local delivery and more.
  • Metro-fulfillment centers: Open long-term or short-term regional fulfillment centers utilizing lightweight infrastructure – mirroring a full distribution center operation at a fraction of the cost.


Eliminate any barriers to reaching your international customers outside the US with deep front-end localization from our cross-border shipping partners, combined with international shipping from the PFS distribution center(s) supporting your local operations.

Alternate Technology

What if you don’t outsource? Enable highly efficient order fulfillment processes within your own distribution centers, storefronts, and dark stores using PFS’ fulfillment technology products. Learn more about our store fulfillment and pick cart technology.


Learn more about how PFS can support your business globally.

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