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2018 PFS Peak Infographic

PFS Peak 2018 – A Success Story!

  • Rebecca Steele

So here we are, smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season! Holiday shipping deadlines are getting closer and closer and the PFS team continues to be hard at work supporting our clients through their busiest time of the year. We have to take a moment, though, to share some great news.  Our 2018 peak week numbers are in and we are pleased as Christmas punch to share the overwhelmingly positive results with you!

Each year, PFS invests significant time and resources to ensure that our clients’ busiest week of the year is a success.  The following infographic shows how PFS’s efforts and investments paid off in 2018, resulting in a record-breaking peak week from Thanksgiving Day (November 22nd) through November 30th.

PFS’s annual Peak Performance Program (P3) evaluates each peak season to determine what improvements should be made across facilities, technologies and operations. P3 ensures we are continuously improving and providing the best support for our clients’ requirements. This year’s P3 improvements included literally thousands of changes across the organization, including:

  • new lighted pick cart technology enhancements
  • new receiving processes
  • new layout configurations
  • the introduction of pop-up distribution centers, and more.

All of these improvements contributed to an overwhelmingly successful year. PFS shipped 35% more volume globally over the same week in 2017, setting a new record of 3.7 million lines shipped total.

Throughout this infographic we hit on the biggest wins for PFS as a whole, as well as individual client successes. Beginning in January, PFS will initiate our P3 program once again as we take a look back at our 2018 performance in search of ways we can ensure 2019 is even more successful. We look forward to continuing this upward trend in years to come!

Continue reading for a closer look at our great results!

2018 PFS Peak Infographic


Rebecca Steele

Rebecca Steele is Content Marketing Manager at PFS. Working closely with PFS’s global team, Rebecca remains current on the latest trends in the ever-evolving eCommerce industry and communicates those findings to consumers and retailers alike.

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