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Q&A with Jamus Driscoll on PFSweb’s End2End eCommerce® Solution

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For those of you unfamiliar with Demandware, they are a leading eCommerce platform provider which powers PFSweb’s End2End eCommerce® solution. Based out of Woburn, Massachusetts, Demandware launched the first on-demand enterprise eCommerce platform back in 2005 and is now trusted by more than 100 leading brands to power their online business.


Jamus Driscoll, VP of Marketing at Demandware, was kind enough to discuss the End2End eCommerce relationship PFSweb has with Demandware and how it affects both companies.

How did Demandware and PFSweb develop their End2End relationship?

We started working with PFSweb back in 2007 when they made the decision to become an End2End eCommerce provider. Like most technology selections, PFSweb ran a process of looking at providers and determining which approaches and models were best for its business.

When these selection processes are successful, the results can be deep partnerships, based on alignment in product capabilities and company values… and that’s just what came from this process. The partnership that has resulted is one of openness, commitment and trust, which is necessary to serve the caliber of brands that trust the PFSweb solution.


How has your partnership with PFSweb affected Demandware?

Like most good partnerships, the relationship with PFSweb has pushed Demandware to evolve and grow as a company, particularly with respect to product. It has also allowed us to serve a market constituency that wanted to operate their web business on the Demandware platform.
Carter’s is the latest client to partner with PFSweb to leverage our End2End eCommerce® solution featuring the Demandware platform


What do you feel are the benefits of End2End eCommerce?

For some consumer direct businesses an End2End solution makes the most sense. Whether that’s because a brand doesn’t want to own and manage the complete infrastructure for running a direct-to-consumer operation (eCommerce, marketing, fulfillment, customer service) as part of its strategy or because in their journey into direct-to-consumer it makes sense to start with a trusted provider who can get them up and running reliably and completely while the brands learns the intricacies of running an eCommerce site. Having all the pieces and parts of an eCommerce operation be both best-in-class (as is the case with the PFSweb solution) and pre-integrated is a huge advantage to those just entering their eCommerce journey.


What are your thoughts on End2End eCommerce moving forward?

I think we will continue to see an increase of companies from various industries who want to go online, or enhance their current offering and will look to an End2End model to do so. It offers a complete eCommerce experience while still giving the customer complete control. I think the End2End solution offers a great “turnkey” option for CPG companies unfamiliar with the online landscape to begin eCommerce initiatives. The recently unveiled P&G eStore is the first of its kind and I expect other CPG companies to follow suit in the near future.

Overall though, in my opinion, just as there are many different strategies for direct to consumer, there will always be a role for End2End eCommerce in the future.

Special thanks to Jamus for taking time to chat with us. For more information about Demandware, please visit their website at


As Chief Executive Officer, Mike Willoughby oversees the overarching strategy of PFSweb. He has been instrumental in the acquisition, development, integration and support of the company’s world-class technologies. It was Mike’s vision to diversify PFSweb’s offering by establishing two business units: the Operations Services unit, PFS, and the Professional Services unit, LiveArea.