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Diagram shown on a tablet, emphasizing brand ownership

Building Customer Trust Through Brand Ownership

  • Kamran Iqbal

In today’s world, navigating through uncertain times has become the new normal. With the ongoing cost of living crisis and unpredictable inflation rates, it is more important than ever that retailers, especially independents, embrace brand ownership in the order fulfillment space.

Brand ownership means having complete control over the customer journey during every step of their interaction with the brand. This ranges from a consumer’s experience on the website to in-store and upon delivery of an online order. Protecting any personal data shared at the time of placing an order, is also imperative. By fully owning these steps and associated customer experience, brands have the best chance of capturing the competitive advantage.

Owning customer data is critical to enabling brands to capture new customers and establish loyalty. Sales and inventory data are important to keep any operation moving. Data can help a brand understand and predict consumer behavior, guiding them to determine effective stock management and demand forecasts.

Driving Success Via 3PL

Brands can look to third-party logistic companies (3PLs) to ensure their identity and ethos remain the driving force behind the customer experience. A 3PL takes on the brand identity for each retailer it represents.

This means that along with the operational and logistical side, 3PLs are integral to the success of a packaging and unboxing experience. In turn, this can be integral to customer satisfaction, which shouldn’t be overlooked as a priority by a retailer. Another advantage to brands utilizing 3PLs is the ability to free up a brand’s in-house teams. That team is then free to focus on other areas, such as brand innovation, marketing materials, and customer retention.

At a minimum, brands that offer multiple delivery methods and a quick and easy returns process will win favor with consumers, especially when combined with responsive customer care. These elements go a long way in assuring the customer that they are valued and their needs will be met.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Brand Ownership

Competition between brands is never fiercer than in current times when consumers are tightening their purse strings. While the standard brown box is the most some customers will expect for their delivery, the post-click purchasing experience has the ability to make the brand stand out. The unboxing experience and all it entails should not be overlooked.

Branded packaging, creative messages, loyalty points or vouchers for an additional purchase all help bring the brand front of mind for customers. It also reinforces a sense of trust between customer and retailer and is a key benefit of brand ownership.

When it comes to ‘owning your own brand’, retailers must ensure they are going above and beyond in delivering a high quality of service to their consumer. Personalization, customization, and convenience remain key.

Ultimately, brand ownership is a vital aspect of retail success in the digital age. Retailers who control their brand in the eCommerce space by providing a seamless experience across post-click order fulfillment, from picking to delivery, will gain a competitive advantage. Owning the customer journey and experience helps retailers build a loyal customer base that will return time and time again.

If you would like to find out more about brand ownership, you can download our eBook on ‘Customer Loyalty Strategies’ here.


Kamran Iqbal

Kamran is an expert in all things commerce, pre and post click. As Commerce Strategist at PFS, he shares his extensive industry knowledge with brands and retailers to help drive Digital Transformation and Omnichannel Excellence. Kamran has spent over 15 years as an end-to-end eCommerce Solutions expert, working closely with brands across verticals to execute and grow their DTC and B2B eCommerce channels.

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