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The Green Dilemmma

Sustainability Stand-Off: Confusion on the Journey Toward More Sustainable eCommerce Operations

  • Zach Thomann

Baseline expectations for sustainable eCommerce practices are rapidly increasing, as concern for reducing carbon footprint grows amongst consumers. Our latest Conscious Commerce report, The Green Dilemma: The Disparity Between Consumer and Retailer Perceptions, confirms that retailers are feeling the pressure; 60% of retailers stated they believe they fall behind the competition when it comes to sustainable operations. The findings detailed in the report make plain that retailers must fine-tune their solutions to appeal to current and future shoppers.

While it may be clear that implementing more sustainable operations is the way forward, exactly how to execute that plan is much less obvious and has resulted in more than a little confusion on the part of both consumers and retailers. Consumers desire to shop with retailers who actively support their values, yet for 32% of consumers price remains the top consideration. Keeping in mind current economic challenges, meeting the needs of the cost-conscious shopper while increasing sustainability (often at an added cost) makes prioritization of eco-friendly practices a difficult undertaking at best for many retailers.

Advancing sustainable eCommerce

This report provides insight into the disparity as well as some clarity on a path forward by offering retailers and brands guidance on how to successfully advance sustainable practices across the post-purchase journey. From simply educating the consumer on existing efforts to setting up multi-node fulfillment operations, and everything in between, we look at ways to satisfy consumer demand for increased sustainability across product, packaging, delivery and returns operations.

Retailers need to find smart solutions to appeal to this growing focus. By adapting their business model to incorporate paperless options like QR codes and taking steps to educate customers on best practices when it comes to ensuring their purchase journey is sustainable, then businesses are well on their way to appealing to and retaining their customer base.

Download the report for additional insights and recommendations from the eCommerce experts at PFS.



Infographic - The Green Dilemma



Zach Thomann

As Chief Operating Officer, Zach is responsible for the direction and management of all PFS activities on behalf of our clients. Applying extensive experience with 3PL, end-to-end and omni-channel solutions, he continually drives innovation and process improvements across the organization to ensure we remain the provider of choice for brand-centric eCommerce fulfillment.

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