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2016 Japan eCommerce Market

Featuring a well-developed infrastructure and a digitally sophisticated population, the 2016 Japan eCommerce market totaled $89 billion last year and is projected to surpass $122 billion by 2018.

Below are some key stats on the Japanese eCommerce market:

  • Mobile shopping is quickly growing, with half of all eCommerce transactions conducted via mobile devices in 2015
  • Approximately 93% of the total population (126 million) is urban, giving it the highest urban population of the top 10 eCommerce markets
  • Japan has the highest digital buyer percentage in the Asia-Pacific region, with 77 million digital buyers last year
  • Debit and credit cards are the most popular payment methods when shopping online, with over 66% of shoppers conducting transactions utilizing this method
  • Japan is a popular cross-border destination for other Asian countries, especially India and South Korea

Download the Japan eCommerce market profile to learn more:

The 2016 Japan eCommerce market profile is the fourth post in a series for our Global eCommerce book. In this book, we will examine the top 10 eCommerce markets from around the world and will highlight key payment methods, future insights, demographics, mobile commerce, and more.

Our recent posts examined the U.K. eCommerce Market, China’s eCommerce Market, and the U.S. eCommerce market.

The next profile will feature Germany, a country with unique payment options and the second largest population in Europe.