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Canadian ECommerce And United States ECommerce – A Comparison

Canadian eCommerce and United States eCommerce – A Comparison

The state of eCommerce in Canada is unlike many other places in the world. The adoption rate of new technology in Canada is among the top countries in the world – almost the entire Canadian population is connected to the internet thanks to its dense urban population and smartphones in Canada will be owned by approximately 15 million people by 2014 (40% of the expected Canadian population). Despite the “early adopter” mentality Canadians have toward technology, many consumers surprisingly still prefer to shop in-person than online. Canada has been ranked as an “average” eCommerce country, with online sales expected to make up approximately 5.3% of the country’s total spending by 2016. Why has Canada lagged behind the United States (and other countries) in eCommerce when they are among the pioneers in other avenues of technology – and most importantly – will this change in the future?

Let’s look at some research to answer these questions…

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