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2016 South Korea eCommerce Market

The 2016 South Korea eCommerce Market totaled nearly $38 billion last year and is expected to surpass $50 billion by 2018. As the most popular mobile country in the world, 90% of South Koreans own a smartphone, with mobile sales increasing at an impressive rate.

Some key information on the South Korea eCommerce market:

  • South Korea is home to the third largest Asia-Pacific retail eCommerce market
  • Mobile sales have increased 64% over the past two years
  • 82.5% of the population is urban, with Korean (97%) the most popular language
  • The country has the second highest digital buyer percentage in the Asia-Pacific region, with 65% of internet users shopping online
  • Major holidays like White Day and Thanksgiving bolster eCommerce sales
  • Because of the small country size and high population density, South Korea has exceptionally fast fulfillment rates

Download the 2016 South Korea eCommerce Market Profile to learn more:

The 2016 South Korea eCommerce market profile is the seventh post for our Global eCommerce Book series. In this book, we will explore the top 10 eCommerce markets around the world and will highlight key stats on demographics, mobile usage, major shopping days, and more.

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The next profile will feature Canada, a uniquely growing retail eCommerce market in North America.