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ECommerce Lessons – Was 2021 The Year The Tide Firmly Turned?

eCommerce lessons – was 2021 the year the tide firmly turned?

2021 was the year that the “perfect storm”  hit retail – with fuel crises in the autumn, the effects of Brexit continuing to cause cross-border difficulties, and labour, warehouse and delivery partner shortages rife as the pandemic’s impact remained strong.…

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Turning The Page: Why 2022 Signals A New Dawn For Retailers

Turning the page: Why 2022 signals a new dawn for retailers

The last twelve months presented retailers with challenges more gruelling than we ever thought possible. Even now, the words ‘lockdown,’ ‘supply chain,’ and ‘shortages’ still send shivers down the spines of retailers and brands nationwide. With 2022 on the horizon,…

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The Rise Of The “micro-influencer”

The rise of the “micro-influencer”

Social commerce has been one of the fastest growing retail trends – especially over the last year. Accelerated by the events of 2020, following a brand’s page, a beauty sampler or fitness guru and then being able to purchase the…

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What Should Retailers Expect As We Begin To Emerge From Months Of Lockdown?

What should retailers expect as we begin to emerge from months of lockdown?

The recent re-opening of non-essential retail has been music to the ears of the public and retailers alike. However, retail as we know it has changed for good, following months of lockdown restrictions. While there’s the obvious issue of adhering…

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