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Under One Roof

Under one roof: fulfillment and customer service functions

Fulfillment joins the dots between eCommerce retailers and brands to customers, with the aim of getting orders to their destinations quickly, preventing customer dissatisfaction– in other words, frictionless commerce. Many third-party logistics (3PLs) providers build successful relationships with brands by…

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Past the parcel - Amazon vs. Independent BPO

Past the parcel – Amazon vs. Independent BPO

The fulfillment process encompasses much more than simply shipping orders to customers. Warehouse management, overseeing inventory capabilities, building positive relationships with reliable carriers, customer service teams, personalization services, real-time data tracking and understanding compliance updates - these are just some…

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Retail after Covid

What should retailers expect as we begin to emerge from months of lockdown?

The recent re-opening of non-essential retail has been music to the ears of the public and retailers alike. However, retail as we know it has changed for good, following months of lockdown restrictions. While there’s the obvious issue of adhering…

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US COVID Consumer Infographic


COVID-19 has forced many US consumers to alter their shopping preferences. Consumers are now finding themselves shopping with what is available versus what is preferred. While many shoppers are still loyal to the brands they love, COVID-19 is driving an…

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