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COVID-19 Industry Response

PFS COVID-19 Response

Retailers across the globe are experiencing an unprecedented shift to eCommerce as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our clients have been engaging us for support in responding to these unusual circumstances. Working closely with them to understand the various issues they are dealing with, we have implemented a range of alternative solutions in an effort to provide relief and keep operations running as smoothly as possible, in spite of the current environment.

For the latest updates on COVID-19, see the CDC.

How PFS is Helping Retailers

Pop-Up DCs

Our pop-up distribution centers, also known as micro-fulfillment centers, are helping clients keep operations going despite site and store closures. These lightweight, cost-efficient operations are set up quickly and provide highly efficient order fulfillment with PFS’ CloudPick pick carts. The redundancy and flexibility enabled with our pop-up distribution centers minimizes the risks of ongoing issues due to COVID-19 disruption, including warehouse closures, supply chain bottlenecks and inventory shortages.

Flexible Customer Care

With so much chaos around this pandemic, it is especially important that brands ensure quality customer service remains available to consumers. PFS offers flexible customer care that adjusts to the evolving situation on the fly while still providing the heavily branded support that makes our solution unique. In the weeks since COVID-19 social distancing measures were implemented, we have transitioned thirty brands to Work-from-Home solutions while effectively augmenting staff to support fluctuating volumes. Our secure, scalable solution ensures brands can continue to address customer needs during these uncertain times.

Store Fulfillment

The temporary closure of brick and mortar stores has resulted in large piles of sitting inventory that could be used to fulfill online orders. RetailConnect equips retailers with system-driven in-store picking technology which enables them to efficiently fulfill online orders from store stock.

We are working with clients across verticals to implement this solution quickly. Our pilot program, implemented during the 2019 holiday season with great success, is utilizing this store fulfillment solution to keep business moving, despite the store being closed to foot traffic.


Across clients, we are seeing rising eCommerce volumes. From CPG brands selling household cleaning supplies to jewelry and apparel brands, clients continue to experience increased demand as the world shifts to online shopping while they are stuck at home. Leveraging proven processes and scalable systems which have supported us through several successful peak seasons, we continue to scale operations and staff to support fluctuating demand while maintaining positive brand experiences.


This pandemic has hit the small businesses sector particularly hard. PFS and LiveArea are collaborating with a number of other industry eCommerce providers to offer support for small businesses during this turbulent time. If you know of a local business in need of help, go to and tell us more about how we can help!

PFS EVP & GM Zach Thomann on how COVID-19 is impacting eCommerce

Employee Safety

We are monitoring this situation by the hour. The health and safety of our amazing employees during these testing times is our top priority. Across PFS we have implemented new standard operating procedures (SOPs) that ensure we are doing our part to flatten the curve and avoid further spread of the virus. We are adjusting operations wherever necessary to ensure a safe environment for our staff across business functions.

We could not be more proud of our resilient staff’s response during this time.

Thank you, PFSweb employees!

Contact Center

Since the onset of social distancing guidelines, we have transitioned our entire customer care operation to a work-from-home solution, this includes approximately 500 agents located across the globe.

Professional Service Offices

Across all global PFSweb locations, including our headquarters, our professional staff have been instructed to work from home with only a few exceptions for critical systems maintenance.

Distribution Centers

We have established several new SOPs within our distribution facilities to ensure the safety of our staff working on the frontline, including:

  • Employees are NOT required to come into work at PFS. We have communicated to all employees that there are no attendance consequences if they are uncomfortable working in the facilities.
  • Employees are informed that if they are experiencing or have been exposed to anyone exhibiting signs of COVID-19, they should NOT come to work and they should seek immediate medical attention and/or testing and stay home until they receive a negative test result, self-quarantine for 14 days as recommended by the CDC and/or receive clearance from a medical professional.
  • PFS is doing temperature checks at entry doors and employees exhibiting any signs of COVID-19 or who have an elevated temperature are not allowed within the facility.
  • PFS has provided personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees, including gloves, face masks, and face shields. We have implemented a policy and strongly encourage employees to use this equipment. We have also provided the training for proper use of this equipment.
  • PFS is requiring distancing with employees inside of the working areas of the facility and asking that all employees use the greatest social distancing available inside of the facility with constant enforcement being maintained, including structured breaks and lunches to ensure separation.
  • PFS has provided mobile cleaning stations for employees use at any time and access to hand sanitizer stations.
  • PFS has increased and enhanced its cleaning regimen in all facilities. Facilities are cleaned on a daily basis and as well as nightly cleaning after the last shift – including nightly disinfectant fogging at some facilities.
  • PFS has maintained signage throughout the facilities, bathrooms and breakrooms regarding necessary precautions as reminders to wash hands and social distance.
  • PFS is facilitating focus groups with employees to seek out ways to funnel any suggestions to PFS’ COVID-19 Task Force, which meets daily to review opportunities, risks, and any changing developments.

Across all global PFSweb locations, including our headquarters, our professional staff have been instructed to work from home with only a few exceptions for critical systems maintenance.

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