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Mobile Shopping Comparison: The Mobile Divide

The digital device a shopper utilizes can markedly affect eCommerce sales and buyer behaviors, especially when making a mobile shopping comparison between smartphones and tablets. Factors such as demographics, geographical location, and holiday seasons can create a divide in sales metrics for smartphone shopping and tablet shopping. Included in our latest whitepaper are device-specific statistics that delineate specific consumer trends for each device.


  • Mobile shopping comparison metrics from around the world, including specific market revenues and projected growth for smartphone shopping and tablet shopping
  • Internationally, the eCommerce site visit duration for tablet shopping is 10.4 minutes in comparison to 8.4 minutes for smartphone shopping – see how and why these figures change from region to region
  • Which device shoppers around the world prefer to make purchases with during the holiday season
  • Frequency of and reason for device usage in the larger European markets and in the U.S., including what marketing tactics drive sales for certain demographics
  • How smartphones are expected to advance in the future both physically and in terms of their technical capabilities, as well as the evolution of tablets into popular hybrid “2-in-1” devices
  • How shopper preferences are driving mobile commerce and what online retail professionals can expect from future preferences