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7 Holiday Tips for eCommerce Sites

It’s surprising how fast time flies as Cyber Monday is only a month away and 2012 is right around the corner! With yet another holiday shopping season upon us the eCommerce outlook is bright with retailers set to hire slightly more holiday staff and research predicting higher online order volumes than last year although there will be fewer visits to retail stores.

It’s no secret the optimism surrounding the eCommerce industry is spreading and this holiday season in particular is set to benefit from this momentum. But what are some tactics online retailers can implement to make the most of their favorite time of year? Here are 7 holiday tips from the PFSweb team…

Retailers such as Roots are offering additional discounts based on order values


    1. Offer incentives based on order values – Retailers can entice consumers to spend more by offering discounts or promotions when they reach certain order values. An additional perk of employing this tactic is consumers may be less likely to spend their money at competitor sites and stores as they order more items from one source.
    2. Add rush shipping options – It’s just a fact of life that some people put off holiday shopping until the last minute. By adding rush shipping options near the end of the holiday season you just might see a spike in sales on days which may have been flat in years past.
    3. Add scarcity to your site by saying when holiday-related sales end – Drawing from a previous blog post on what makes daily deal sites successful adding a holiday season countdown timer or a timeframe for when certain deals are valid can entice consumers to buy now instead of waiting. People hate missing out on promotions, especially good ones.
    4. Ask new customers to subscribe to your newsletter and e-mail offers – So many holiday shoppers are first-time purchasers on eCommerce sites so it’s important to not only make the right first impression but to get these shoppers to come back and buy again. Enticing consumers with a small discount to sign-up for a newsletter and/or e-mail list can help keep a retailer’s name in their mind even after the holiday season is over.

Gift wrapping is not only a unique perk to add to an eCommerce site but can it keep employees busy during non-peak order times

  1. Giftwrapping option and other unique perks – Offering giftwrapping as an additional service can lead to an increase in sales, especially for luxury retailers. Some people don’t like to wrap presents (or do a poor job of it) and prefer to have professionals help them out even if it means paying more for a particular product.
  2. Incorporate a multi-cultural approach – With many nationalities not only around the world but within the United States it can be important to cater to an array of holiday beliefs. By focusing specials around calendar holidays (i.e. the eight days on Hanukkah, twelve days of Christmas, etc.) retailers can relate to consumers on a deeper level through their holiday celebrations.
  3. Blog post suggestion with gift ideas – There are always people who are just incredibly difficult to buy gifts for every single year. Odds are some visitors on a retailer’s site are referred there by family members with the sole purpose of purchasing a gift. Retailers can help out these visitors with blog post such as “10 Great Gifts for Dads and Uncles” or “5 Gifts Most Grandmothers Will Love”. Not only can a blog post assist visitors in their quest to find gifts but it also makes the connection associating a product with a family member, a connection which might not have been made until it was suggested in the blog post.

Hopefully these tips can help online retailers generate some additional revenue for the holiday season and make this time of year great for not only consumers but for retailers as well!

What site tactics would you like to share with fellow retailers that you are using for the holiday season? Feel free to comment below…