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PFS 2020 Peak Performance Highlights

PFS 2020 Peak Performance Highlights

  • Zach Thomann

A look at our peak performance highlights emphasizes how a powerful trifecta of business continuity, adaptability and scalability equipped PFS clients to rise to the challenge over and over again in 2020.

2020 was a year that brought disruption of epic proportions. Health and economic crises on a global scale meant drastic lifestyle changes at best, and brought much worse for many.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic had an immediate impact on retail. Lockdowns and store closures resulted in an unprecedented shift towards online shopping that would accelerate the growth of eCommerce by 2+ years overnight.

PFS helps brands and retailers rise to the challenge

PFS clients, brands and retailers across verticals, turned to us for help navigating this tumultuous time. As evidenced by the following peak performance highlights – PFS delivered.

Leveraging a combination of solid business continuity practices, quick and effective adaptability, and near limitless scalability, PFS equipped clients to keep up with extreme demand while still providing the positive, branded experiences that encourage consumer loyalty.

Interested in how PFS can help your brand support peak demand in 2021? Learn more about PFS’ peak support capabilities here, and send us a note to start preparing your operations today.


Zach Thomann

As Chief Operating Officer, Zach is responsible for the direction and management of all PFS activities on behalf of our clients. Applying extensive experience with 3PL, end-to-end and omni-channel solutions, he continually drives innovation and process improvements across the organization to ensure we remain the provider of choice for brand-centric eCommerce fulfillment.

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