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6 Things to Know About Cyber Monday 2010

So Cyber Monday has come to an end and in the days after the results are starting to roll in… here’s a quick summary of Cyber Monday 2010:

  • Cyber Monday sales reached the one billion dollar mark in 2010. It was the first time ever that online sales have reached the one billion dollar mark in a single day, setting a new record.
  • Cyber Monday sales in 2010 increased approximately 20% from Cyber Monday sales in 2009. Average order values grew as well, up 8.3% to $194.89. Online sales on Thanksgiving Day increased by 33% and Black Friday sales also increased by 16% compared to last year.
  • Cyber Monday may have turned into “Cyber Week” in 2010 as some major retailers turned their Monday only deals into a week-long event and other retailers followed suit. Many retailers also got an early jump on Cyber Monday, offering deals as early as the day before Thanksgiving.

  • With the potential shift from Cyber Monday into Cyber Week, Cyber Monday may be taking on an environmental role as well – the buzz around Green Gift Monday was bigger this year than ever before. It was reported back in 2009 that Cyber Monday was 50 times Greener than Black Friday.
  • eBay has reported that mobile commerce on Cyber Monday 2010 was up 146% from Cyber Monday 2009. eBay also noted that over half the people who shop regularly on their phones are comfortable spending over $100 on a purchase and on average mobile shoppers spend over $100 per month.
  • Social media was used by retailers to spread the word about their Cyber Monday deals and increase their followers, with some retailers offering special deals only to people who “Like” them on Facebook. Retailers were also using Twitter to promote deals and answer questions about products to increase conversion rates.


Did you notice any other trends that took place on Cyber Monday? Feel free to comment below…


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