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Delivering customized, scalable, on brand order fulfillment with every package.

3PL Fulfillment

More than a 3PL, PFS offers highly-customized, scalable eCommerce order fulfillment services designed to deliver on the latest customer expectations. We are the provider of choice for today’s leading brands who seek to create eCommerce and omnichannel experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Designed and perfected over 20+ years in the industry, our flexible fulfillment model provides extensive scalability that effectively supports even the most extreme surges in online demand. We offer a global network of distribution centers, pop-up DCs and micro-fulfillment centers that ensure quick delivery to your customers, wherever they are. System-driven pick-pack-ship services maximize efficiency while our distributed order management (DOM) technology enables efficient order routing across DCs and stores for effective multi-node fulfillment operations.

Our solutions, powered by our proprietary, seamlessly integrated OMS and WMS, support both DTC and B2B operations. Highlights from our extensive service offering include:

World-class distribution technology and operations efficiently shipping over $3.2 billion worth of product annually.


Go the extra mile and enhance the customer experience with value added services that leave a lasting impression and encourage brand loyalty. Our tailored solution captures your unique vision to provide an immersive experience that sets your brand apart.

Services include:

  • Personalization
  • Engraving
  • Kitting and bundling
  • Gifting
  • Sustainable packaging solutions
  • White-glove packout
  • At-home trial and refurbishment
  • Product assembly


From access to cost-effective freight rates, to higher-tier services for high delivery zones, to comprehensive transportation brokerage services, PFS’ shipping and transportation services will craft a solution that meets your business needs exactly.

Services include:

  • Transportation Strategy: We will work with you to provide the lowest cost transportation solution for your business that delivers the best overall value for your customers.
  • Transportation Brokerage: Smooth, friction-free transportation of your freight – anywhere in the world.


PFS’ proven fulfillment technology ensures accurate, fast order fulfillment. You can leverage this technology within your own distribution centers, brick-and-mortar stores and other alternative fulfillment operations by deploying PFS’ fulfillment-as-a-Service (FaaS) offerings. Keep up with consumer demand the way the pros do.

Our product suite includes:

  • Store fulfillment: Today’s digital-first consumers demand options. Transform your stores into efficient omnichannel hubs leveraging picking technology used in our very own DCs. Empower your customers with choices – store pick-up, curbside, ship-from-store, same day delivery and more.
  • Cloud-enabled pick carts: Already have fulfillment operations up and running? Great! Increase your picking efficiency with PFS’ lighted pick carts equipped with cloud-based picking technology.
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What business verticals does PFS support?

PFS supports DTC and B2B and verticals. operations for a range of retailers and brands across verticals. We excel at supporting health and beauty, consumer packaged goods, apparel, jewelry and footwear brands. This is largely due to the flexibility of our highly customizable systems and operations, as well as our commitment to a high-touch customer experience. We also offer experience supporting other verticals such as technology, government organizations and office products. Learn more about our industry vertical expertise.

How do you compete with 2-day delivery expectations?

Our multi-node fulfillment operations, combined with efficient pick/pack/ship operations offering the latest cutoff times ensure PFS can get orders on their way to your customers quickly and accurately. We maintain strong carrier relationships that enable our clients to benefit from better rates, including 2-day shipping at ground rates for qualifying packages.

Can you support seasonal volume fluctuations?

Yes! When it comes to scalability, we are the pros. From storage capacity to systems and personnel, PFS offers scalability to support high and low demand fluctuations in every solution area. Our facilities are strategically located in areas with large labor pools. Our operations team is highly skilled at maximizing our footprint to meet bulk and pick area storage requirements. Finally, and critically, our systems scale on the fly to meet any surge in demand.

See more on how PFS handles peak season volumes here. We can handle your peak!

How do you ensure quality throughout the fulfillment operation?

PFS’ proven technology and processes ensure quality and efficiency across DTC and B2B fulfillment operations. The solution is system-driven, from pick paths and lighted pick carts, to FEFO and FIFO lot management, quality checks at packout, inbound returns tracking and more. The PFS solution leaves as little room for human error as possible.

Why PFS?

PFS offers 20+ years of experience as a 3PL provider. Over the years, our technology and processes have been refined and perfected to meet modern-day product requirements, demand fluctuations and, most importantly, ever-evolving consumer expectations. When you partner with PFS, we commit to a solution designed to meet your goals exactly and lets your brand shine.

We are here to enable your growth, adding value with every delivery.


Learn more about our carefully crafted offerings and extensive experience in the industry.