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Fast, in-country eCommerce fulfillment across the UK from PFS’ Southampton DC.

UK-Based Logistics Services From Southampton

Our strategic Southampton location offers a gateway to extend your brand’s presence throughout the UK to reach diverse customer segments.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a comprehensive range of tailored fulfillment services designed to meet the unique needs of the UK market. From streamlined inventory management to efficient order fulfillment, our solutions enhance your operational efficiency and exceed the high expectations of your UK-based customers.

Backed by our team of dedicated professionals, we are committed to delivering exceptional service, allowing you to establish a strong foothold and drive exponential growth throughout the UK and beyond.

Location Benefits

Southampton fulfillment benefits:

  • Low-cost, in-country fulfillment supporting fast ground delivery services throughout the UK, plus options for setting up cross-border operations across the UK and Europe
  • Our first DC located in the UK, the Southampton facility is just 10 miles from PFS’ second UK DC in Fareham
  • DC complex strategically located near Southampton Docks, Southampton Airport, M27 and M3 motorways and numerous railway links
  • Only 20 miles to Portsmouth and 80 miles to London
  • Same-day delivery to most of the UK population and competitive freight rates via Royal Mail
  • Draws from a local labor pool of approximately 750,000 people from the Southampton and Portsmouth areas
PFS UK Location - Southampton

Support for Multiple Verticals

This facility is designed to support a number of PFS’ core verticals with solution flexibility and scalability to meet each brands unique business needs.


PFS is your partner in cross-border eCommerce expansion, extending your reach throughout the UK and abroad to Europe and beyond. With a network of distribution centers across the globe, we offer a strategic approach to growing your eCommerce operations internationally.

Distributed Fulfillment

Diversify your eCommerce fulfillment operations through a multi-node fulfillment operation that leverages one or all fulfillment offerings from PFS.

International Multi-Node Fulfillment


  • Traditional fulfillment centers: Ship from multiple fulfillment centers located across Europe and the UK to ensure faster delivery and highly redundant operations wherever your customers are.
  • Omnichannel enablement: : Leverage PFS’ RetailConnect store fulfillment technology within your storefronts, dark stores, etc. to optimize ship-from-store, store pick-up, local delivery and more.
  • Metro-fulfillment centers: Open long-term or short-term regional fulfillment centers utilizing lightweight infrastructure – mirroring a full distribution center operation at a fraction of the cost.

Alternate Technology

What if you don’t outsource? Enable highly efficient order fulfillment processes within your own distribution centers, storefronts, and dark stores using PFS’ fulfillment technology products. Learn more about our store fulfillment and pick cart technology.


Learn more about how PFS can support your business globally.

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