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Efficient eCommerce fulfillment across Europe from Liège.

Liège Fulfillment

One of Europe’s primary commercial hubs, European logistics services from Liège ensure you can support customer expectations across the continent. Expand your reach and grow your brand on an international scale from our strategically located Liège DC.

Location Benefits

Benefits of fulfilling from Liège:

  • Central Europe location enables quick time in transit to the Netherlands, Germany, France and Luxembourg
  • Connection to Albert Canal offers convenient access to Antwerp and Rotterdam
  • Access to a large skilled workforce from the Greater Liège region
  • Access to major carriers such as UPS, DPD and DHL, as well as a growing number of regional carriers
  • Energy-efficient modern building equipped with solar panels and cost-saving insulation
PFS Europe Location - Liège, Belgium


PFS is your partner in cross-border eCommerce expansion, extending your reach across Europe and beyond. From our Liège facility, orders can reach 90% of France and 86% of Germany next day via ground shipment, ensuring a speed of delivery that meets customer expectations. With a network of distribution centers across the globe, we offer a strategic approach to growing your eCommerce operations internationally.

Distributed Fulfillment

Diversify your eCommerce fulfillment operations through a multi-node fulfillment operation that leverages one or all fulfillment offerings from PFS.

International Multi-Node Fulfillment


  • Traditional multi-node fulfillment: Ship from multiple fulfillment centers located across three nodes – Memphis, Dallas and Las Vegas – to support 1-2 day shipping across the East and West coast. You can also leverage PFS facilities located in the UK, EU and Canada via this method.
  • Omnichannel enablement: Leverage PFS’ RetailConnect store fulfillment technology within your storefronts, dark stores, etc. to optimize ship-from-store, store pick-up, local delivery and more.
  • Metro-fulfillment centers: Open long-term or short-term regional fulfillment centers utilizing lightweight infrastructure – mirroring a full distribution center operation at a fraction of the cost.

Alternate Technology

What if you don’t outsource? Enable highly efficient order fulfillment processes within your own distribution centers, storefronts, and dark stores using PFS’ fulfillment technology products. Learn more about our store fulfillment and pick cart technology.


Learn more about how PFS can support your business globally.

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