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Brexit: Retailer Insight

Forging a Smooth Path for UK Retailers Post-Brexit

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As the clock ticks down on one of the most unique peak seasons, and the door shuts on the Brexit transition period, are UK retailers ready for the changes to come?

Top priorities and concerns for UK online retailers post-Brexit

PFS recently surveyed 150 UK retailers to gauge how well prepared businesses are for the major changes coming in the New Year. For the retailers who say they are somewhat prepared, one would imagine that Brexit would have featured strongly in the priority list. But all is not as is expected, as we found only one in ten of this group (9%) consider Brexit their number one priority. Moreover, nearly a third (31%) do not factor Brexit into their top three priorities at all.

The following infographic highlights the top priorities for UK online retailers post-Brexit, their Brexit-readiness, the top operational and financial preparations they are implementing, and the major impacts they expect to see as a result of the transition.

PFS Brexit: Retailer Insight Infographic.png


PFS can help you navigate this transition period and ensure the proper operations and business processes are in place to keep business running smoothly post-Brexit. Learn more about our Brexit solution here.



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