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Brexit: Navigating the Unknown

Brexit eBook: Navigating the Unknown

The PFS Brexit eBook considers the key issues facing the global eCommerce landscape following the door shutting on the Brexit transition period as of 1st January 2021.

While the UK and EU managed to strike a deal at the 11th hour, much remains unclear for retailers and consumers alike. Within this resource, PFS has compiled helpful information that brands and retailers alike can reference for guidance during this uncertain transition period.

From insights on carrier relations, to how to register for EORI numbers and how merchant of record (MoR) services can support international operations, to an in-depth Q&A covering the most frequently asked questions on the transition, this Brexit eBook is your source for navigating the unknown in 2021 and beyond.

Get your Brexit affairs in order today

Despite confusion around the terms of the Brexit deal, businesses can still make adjustments to get their Brexit affairs in order and they must. Download the Brexit eBook today for help getting your brand on track for success post-Brexit.


As Vice President of International Operations, Joe manages PFS' locations across the UK and Europe. Joe has been with PFS since its inception 20+ years ago and has served in various roles including Sales Manager, Pricing Manager, and Director of Client Services. Joe is an avid Yankees fan, coaches youth baseball and enjoys spending time with his two children and three grandchildren.