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5 Things to Know About Cyber Monday 2013

Cyber Monday 2013

Believe it or not, Cyber Monday 2013 is already less than a month away. We hope you were able to read our guide on preparing for the 2013 holiday season because Cyber Monday this year will, like previous years, be a strong representation of the 2013 holiday season a whole for online retailers. Without further ado, here are 5 things to know about Cyber Monday 2013…


1) Cyber Monday is set to be another record day for eCommerce – With eCommerce sales set to increase by approximately 15% this holiday season, we are likely to see yet another record breaking day for single-day sales this Cyber Monday. According to comScore, U.S. Cyber Monday sales reached $1.46 billion last year and Adobe has actually predicted Cyber Monday sales to surpass $2.2 billion this year. This means Cyber Monday will almost certainly surpass the $1.5 billion sales mark for the first time ever and could even surpass the $2 billion mark.

2) Mobile and tablet traffic / sales set to increase even further – According to IBM, 18% of online shoppers on Cyber Monday 2012 used mobile and tablet devices to shop online. Recent data from Demandware, using a sampling of over 700 eCommerce sites, has shown a large spike in mobile and tablet usage so far this year…


…with approximately 33% of traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s possible mobile and tablet traffic will combine to be at least one-quarter of all traffic for many eCommerce sites and result in roughly 20% of online sales this Cyber Monday.

3) Cyber Monday sales set to grow in the late evening – In our Cyber Monday 2012 recap, one of the key findings was that although Cyber Monday sales peaked during mid-day, sales also saw a huge spike in the late evening and did not fall off significantly until after 9:30 PM EST. With the increased usage in mobile and tablet devices, the argument could be made that Cyber Monday sales could hold strong even later into the evening this year, possibly as late as 10 or 10:30 PM EST.



4) Cyber Monday may be turning into Cyber Week – Several major retailers (online, brick and mortar, and omni-channel) have evolved their marketing strategies to extend Cyber Monday into “Cyber Week” to feature sales throughout the week. Some retailers offer specific sales on each day whereas other retailers will initially advertise for Cyber Monday and then extend the promotions for the entire week – but most retailers usually deploy a mixture of the two tactics. It is likely more retailers will roll out Cyber Week initiatives this year, especially given the condensed 2013 holiday season compared to previous years.

5) Cyber Monday is back in December for only the second time ever – For the first time since 2008, Cyber Monday takes place in December and falls on the latest date in its history on December 2nd (Cyber Monday was officially established in 2006). With Cyber Monday taking place on November 26th last year, this will result in a six day difference year-over-year between the two days and also means the 2013 holiday shopping season will be six days shorter than last year. With such a large difference in the number of days in the holiday seasons, one could argue Cyber Monday and all holiday dates will be up in sales from last year (UPS projects a 10% increase in package volume on Cyber Monday) but the overall holiday season will be down because of the six days lost.

In conclusion, strong growth is likely for Cyber Monday 2013 as the eCommerce industry continues to grow in the months and days leading up to this year’s biggest online retail holiday. The impact and source of the growth, however, remains to be seen – will Cyber Monday grow but online sales for the entire holiday season decline as a result of fewer shopping days? Cyber Monday 2013 and this year’s online holiday season will be interesting to say the least!