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The Always On Culture of PFS

  • Mike Willoughby

Earlier this year, we were recognized with the 2009 Technology Supplier of the Year award from one of our longest standing clients, Riverbed. This award exemplified the high-level of service we give to our clients, defined on a day-to-day basis as the “Always On” culture of PFS.

We challenge all our employees to demonstrate PROOF of our Always On culture by following the ideals behind the PROOF acronym.  Employees who set the bar for Always On each quarter are recognized and rewarded for their achievements. At times, our clients have actually nominated employees working on their account for recognition.  Receiving a client nomination for Always On recognition is one of the highest honors an employee can receive.  The goal of the Always On culture is to create empowered employees who are motivated to proactively serve our clients best interests as well as 100% satisfied completely reference-able clients.

What the Always On culture means to our clients

The Always On program not only creates a rewarding work environment within PFS, but promotes a positive engagement with each of our clients at all levels of our company. We believe that creating a positive work environment creates positive people and positive results. We are prepared to go the extra mile to fulfill the needs and expectations of each of our clients.

Some of the unique services we offer to our clients include:

  • Fulfillment – whatever specific needs your product or brand requires, we can meet and exceed them – from gift wrapping, no fingerprint, and personal touch items – all to enhance the experience with your brand and re-create the in-store experience with your products
  • Customer Care – our representatives are highly trained and we make sure they meet and exceed your qualifications to become an extension of your brand, increasing customer loyalty
  • eCommerce and Order Fulfillment Technology – we specialize in enhancing your brand online through best-of-breed consumer facing technologies and rock solid back office systems designed to delight your customer with every interaction, increasing sales, customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Financial Services – the financial services team goes out of its way to enhance the customer experience with a comprehensive selection of payment methods, increasing conversion rates
  • Interactive Marketing Services – the IMS team specializes in understanding all aspects of your brand, highlighting unique brand values in coordinated email campaigns, product photography, affiliate networks, search engine optimization, creative development, user experience analysis and optimization and product merchandizing support, increasing web traffic, boosting conversion rates and enhancing the overall customer experience

The main benefit our clients have found with the Always On culture of PFS is the flexibility we have to deploy our array of services to fit whatever their unique needs may be. In the case of Riverbed, we aligned our strategy to fit their needs of configuring and distributing their products domestically and internationally, maintaining the high Riverbed standard for product quality during assembly, configuration and distribution, and providing prompt and punctual support for Riverbed and its customers at all times.

If you are wondering how PFS can align our solutions to fit your needs, please contact us and we can custom-build a solution for you.


Mike Willoughby

As Chief Executive Officer, Mike Willoughby oversees the overarching strategy of PFSweb. He has been instrumental in the acquisition, development, integration and support of the company’s world-class technologies. It was Mike’s vision to diversify PFSweb’s offering by establishing two business units: the Operations Services unit, PFS, and the Professional Services unit, LiveArea.

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