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Overcoming the Physical Disconnect

Infographic: Overcoming the Physical Disconnect

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Download our Physical Disconnect report to establish how you can build the bridge between the digital channel and the brick-and-mortar experience, ensuring customer loyalty towards your brand no matter the situation, or disruption.

Presenting a considerable and fascinating array of scenarios and statistics on the experiences missed by many as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – from touching to testing and sampling products in-store, to the generational differentiators that comprise the consumer spectrum – consumers were asked about their thoughts on the future of retail and what this might look like going forward.

As a new dawn for the high street is signaled and shops begin to reopen, how can online retailers keep their shopping experiences, and customers, interested in their brand and products?


Connecting the dots between the in-store and online.

Our latest report Overcoming the Physical Disconnect details the latest findings by commissioned research agency, Arlington Research, after surveying 2,000 UK consumers about brand loyalty in an increasingly “digital-first” era.



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