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The Future is Pop-Up

Pop-Ups: Temporary Retail is Here to Stay

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From pop-up stores to pop-up distribution centers, temporary retail operations are taking modern retail by a storm and quickly becoming a permanent fixture.  Omni-channel advancements, the growth of social media, and the continued strength of brick & mortar retail are just a few factors contributing to the success of pop-ups.

PFS’s latest whitepaper, The Future is Pop-Up, takes an in-depth look at the various factors contributing to the rise of pop-ups and the myriad of ways retailers are embracing this popular approach. We analyze a combination of commerce and non-commerce goals to determine the driving force behind these unique temporary stores that are stepping way outside the realm of traditional retail.

Pop-up stores are now a $50 billion industry in the U.S. alone. How can your business get in on this latest craze? What type of pop-up is right for your brand? Your customers? Your products?

Download the whitepaper today to start answering these questions and more!



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