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Evolution of Commerce

Infosheet: The Evolution of Commerce Through Consumer Behavior

Our new infosheet discusses “The Evolution of Commerce Through Consumer Behavior” and how consumer behavior continues to have a strong impact on the entire retail industry.

There are three main questions that are asked and addressed in this infosheet…

  • Why do retailers need to evolve?
  • How can retailers evolve?
  • Who can help retailers evolve?

The infosheet also looks into the evolving ways consumers interact with media and how retailers presently attempt to reach consumers through media advertising. Some of the key metrics measured were…

  • Time spent with media per day
  • Daily time spent with video content
  • Total number of media users
  • Daily time spent on mobile web versus phone applications
  • Ad spending breakdown by device
  • Ad spending per adults reached

Finally, the infosheet features some key stats around the current technology solutions in place by retailers and how retail organizations plan to invest in their commerce technology systems in the coming years.

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