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Global eCommerce Book

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Our Global eCommerce Book examines the top 10 eCommerce markets around the world, compiling information on key demographic features, mobile commerce, major shopping days, industry growth projections, cross-border commerce, and much more. The additional Emerging Markets section details several up-and-coming eCommerce markets, including the United Arab Emirates, Russia, India, and more.

The notable commerce characteristics examined include facts similar to the following:

  • With a large, spread out population and unpredictable climates, shoppers in the U.S. must order holiday gifts relatively early to ensure their gifts arrive in time for the holidays
  • In China, the majority of the population resides on the eastern side of the country, leaving the western part of the country substantially more rural. This creates an interesting economic split and difference in eCommerce development and fulfillment capabilities
  • Online grocery shopping is growing rapidly in the U.K. and is expected to total $28 billion by 2020
  • Germany’s fiscal market is markedly more conservative than other European countries, with open invoicing payment methods accounting for 51% of online transactions
  • A pioneer in technology innovations, Japan’s mobile conversion rate is the highest in the world among leading eCommerce countries and is more than double the conversion rate of the U.S.

Download the compiled Global eCommerce Book to learn more about the top 10 eCommerce markets worldwide, as well as growing markets that are gaining momentum in the global sphere:



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