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Fast, affordable transportation services delivering the best value for your customers

Transportation Services

PFS’ transportation offering includes strategy and brokerage services that help brands and retailers establish friction-free transportation activities on a global scale.

Whether you are seeking support negotiating better freight rates and establishing faster, yet affordable shipping options, or you are looking for broader supply chain support, or maybe all of the above, we have you covered. Leveraging proven best practices, existing carrier relationships and a powerful TMS platform, we manage your transportation activities with efficiency and scalability.

Transportation Strategy

PFS works with brands and retailers to identify the most cost effective transportation solution for your business.

  • Negotiated freight rates: leveraging our combined client volumes, we are able to negotiate freight rates that are often better than what brands and retailers are able to find on their own. For example, most packages are able to ship to customers using upgraded 2-day express shipping at ground rates (FedEx Home Delivery, UPS Ground Residential, etc.)
  • Low and high-zone services: We can craft a hybrid solution that takes advantage of low-cost USPS end-delivery solutions for closer destinations, and higher-tier services such as FedEx 2 Day, Home Delivery and USPS First Class for precision and predictability with higher delivery zones.
  • Un-bundled services: We believe a core benefit of going through PFS for your transportation services is that you can reduce contract complexities by working with a single provider. However, true to our flexible solutions promise, we believe brands and retailers should get to choose whichever rates benefit you best financially and strategically, whether that is through PFS or your own contracts.

Transportation Brokerage services

Facilitating smooth, friction-free transportation of your freight around world, our Transportation Brokerage services utilize leading transportation software and an extensive carrier network to keep your supply chain moving – both inbound and outbound.

Services include:

  • Management of delivery/pick-up appointment scheduling, tracking, carrier billing and contract agreements on your behalf
  • Full truckload, rail, ocean and less-than-truckload planning for both inbound and outbound freight
  • Global scale, with carriers supporting in-country and cross-border transportation
  • Integrations with a large pool of hundreds of reliable, vetted Tier 1 carriers
  • Support for unique product requirements such as high-value or HAZMAT
  • Liability insurance and claims management in the event of damage or loss
  • PFS fulfillment clients benefit from simplified billing and a streamlined shipping process
  • Access to a team of transportation and supply chain experts for inquiries


Learn more about our carefully crafted offerings and extensive experience in the industry.