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The Mobile Divide: Comparing Smartphones and Tablets as Online Retail Evolves

Our new whitepaper focuses on the mobile divide – tablets compared to smartphones – and the key differences between the two devices in eCommerce. While most research aggregates the devices together, we have compiled device-specific research that looks at key metrics including sales, geography, and demographics.


  • Interesting smartphone and tablet consumer trends that correlate with different geographies, holidays, their common online activities, and more.
  • Information on the revenue divide between smartphones and tablets in the online retail industry projected to reach $252 billion globally by 2020.
  • How holiday peak season affects mobile eCommerce market trends such as purchasing and research around the world.
  • What consumer behavior trends (such as shopping, browsing, and price checking) are changing and how demographics and location influence these trends.
  • How major technological advances to smartphones and tablets will likely affect the way devices are used to purchase online in the future.
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