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Fulfilment solutions supporting brand growth on a global scale.

PFS Leadership

Our company executives

Leading the company with their expertise, knowledge and hard‑earned tenure, our company executives emphasize the daily opportunity to exceed our clients’ expectations through delivery of brand-centric operations that elevate the customer experience.

Our Mission


…a Global Commerce Services Company Creating Exceptional Client and Customer Experiences.

Our Vision


…Provide a Full Post-Click Commerce Solution
…Be World-Class at Every Service We Offer.
…Engage With Our Clients as a Strategic Partner.


Mike Willoughby - CEO PFSweb


Chief Executive Officer

PFS Leadership | Thomas J. Madden


Chief Financial Officer

Zach Thomann


Executive Vice President & PFS President

PFS Leadership | Ala J Al-Khouri

Ala J Al-Khouri
Area Vice President, Global Procurement

PFS Leadership | Dawn Brewster

Dawn Brewster
Area Vice President, Contact Centre Operations

PFS Leadership | Latrice Bryant-Robinson

Latrice Bryant-Robinson
Vice President, Human Resources

PFS Leadership | Ron Burnes

Ron Burnes
Area Vice President, Global Sales

PFS Leadership | Stephanie Delacruz

Stephanie Delacruz
Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer

PFS Leadership | Joe Farrell

Joe Farrell
Vice President, International Operations

PFS Leadership | Mark Fuentes

Mark Fuentes
Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

PFS Leadership | Jon Gardner

Jon Gardner
Senior Vice President, Fulfilment Operations

PFS Leadership | Reagan Gill

Raegan Gill
Area Vice President, Solutions & Implementation

PFS Leadership | Melanie Klint

Melanie Klint
Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

PFS Leadership | Patrick Lowe

Patrick Lowe
Area Vice President, Business Management

PFS Leadership | Alan Miller

Alan Miller
Area Vice President, Canada

PFS Leadership | Jerry Murray

Jerry Murray
Senior Vice President, Financial Planning

PFS Leadership | Jamie Saucedo

Jamie Saucedo
Senior Vice President, Business Operations

PFS Leadership | Michael Wright

Michael Wright
Vice President, Marketing & Solutions