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Beauty and Cosmetics Order Fulfillment Services.

PFS Health & Beauty

PFS supports and fulfills B2B and DTC online orders within the health and beauty vertical for a range of premier clients. From fragrances to foundations and small start-ups to iconic global brands, the best in beauty turn to PFS to reimagine their success with services that elevate customer experiences.

Our health and beauty fulfilment offering supports customised solutions that are designed specifically for the unique requirements of cosmetics and nutriceuticals:

  • Climate controlled facilities: To meet the needs of both heat and cold sensitive beauty products such as lipsticks, foundations, eye pencils, etc.
  • Expiration planning: PFS’ system-driven lot control supports FIFO and FEFO requirements for date-sensitive products.
  • Small product storage racking: Ensures products are stored correctly and according to their size to reduce the risk of damage, etc.
  • High-touch customer service: Supports accurate brand representation across on and offline channels (phone, email and chat), with scalability to meet fluctuating demand.
  • Hazardous goods requirements: Caged areas for aerosols and other HAZMAT items as well as proper labelling of fragrances, foundations, etc. ensure proper storage and handling.

With 20+ years as an industry leader in the health and beauty, cosmetics and nutriceuticals arena, PFS is the BPO of choice for brand-centric omnichannel operations. We provide an enhanced customer shopping experience, one-to-one customer service and help you deliver on brand ethos with each order.


PFS support a range of VAS that offer flexibility for various product requirements and effectively scales in peak demand periods as well as for subscription box solutions. Keeping your brand front and centre with each delivery through personalized products and aesthetically pleasing packaging.

Offerings include:

  • Gifting
  • Branded packaging
  • Personalised messages
  • Engraving
  • Labelling
  • Kitting and bundling


Our cloud-based omnichannel solution, RetailConnect, turns your stores into fulfillment centers supporting increasing eCommerce demand using intuitive software and light-weight hardware.

RetailConnect benefits:

  • Speeds up store fulfilment
  • Reduces errors
  • Expands delivery options
  • Enables effortless rate shopping
  • Provides detailed reporting