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Whitepaper: Western Europe eCommerce

Our latest whitepaper discusses Western Europe from an eCommerce perspective and focuses on expansion opportunities not only for retailers with an existing presence in Europe but also retailers looking to launch eCommerce initiatives in Western Europe for the first time.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Broad overview of the state of eCommerce in Western Europe
  • Comparing retail eCommerce sales in Western Europe to other areas of the world (including North America and Asia Pacific)
  • Western Europe eCommerce sales ranked by country – both in 2014 and projected for 2018
  • eCommerce sales as a percent of total retail sales for leading Western Europe countries
  • Digital buyer information in the “top five” Western Europe countries including percentage of internet users (and mobile shoppers), percentage of digital buyers, and percentage of cross-border digital buyers.
  • The diverse array of preferred payment methods for online transactions in the “top five” Western Europe countries


Please enjoy the whitepaper and feel free to share your feedback!