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Unique European Service Offerings

Our European office, located in Liège, Belgium offers some unique solutions which enhance the service offerings of PFSweb. Founded in 1999 and named PFSweb Europe, our European headquarters was developed to support European clients as well as global clients that wanted to extend their solution into Europe. As PFSweb expanded globally and extended its service offerings into Europe, PFSweb Europe became an independent operating segment running the same technology and services as in the U.S.  Today, our European solution is run by a highly experienced European leadership team who understands eCommerce in Europe and can help you grow your business in this growing market.

Here are some of the solutions unique to the European operations of PFSweb…


European solutions are known for their complex nature. Unlike North American solutions, there are multiple countries, currencies, languages, payment methods and tariffs which need to be accounted for. Our PFSweb European solution offers a platform for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients along with dedicated interactive marketing services unique to each country. These solutions can also be configured to mirror current U.S. solutions and integrate with whatever eCommerce platform you are currently using. Each client, including our U.S. clients, is also awarded a dedicated European account manager and extensive consultancy services to help them succeed in their European objectives.


Our European distribution network allows clients to distribute their products throughout most of Europe in one day and Northern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa within two days…

Also included in our international logistics and distribution solution is the ability to provide reverse logistics in compliance with all European and local regulations, along with customs clearance and exports. Finally, our partnerships with several key European shipping companies allow us to over very competitive rates for our clients. We use our expertise of international eCommerce to maximize the ROI of the international initiatives of our clients.


The customer contact center features customer care in six languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch) along with a customized training program designed for each customer care agent. Unique to the European solution, agents are either solely dedicated to your brand or shared with another brand depending on the day-to-day demand your brand requires for each language of customer care.

Did a famous Italian pop star wear your brand in a highly publicized interview? We can increase the number of Italian speaking agents to support your brand in no time.


Through a variety of financial models, PFSweb can manage VAT tax collection and reporting with every European country on an individual or collective basis. Additional services include cross-currency payment management and fraud protection, updated in real-time to deal with the fluctuations in currency values, and custom invoicing specific for each country.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed our European headquarters certainly enhances the array of services offered here at PFSweb. The largest benefit according to clients who leverage our European services along with our North American services is the seamless integration between the two services offerings. Even though North America and Europe are two very different landscapes, our clients can have a truly global eCommerce solution through a single provider.

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As Chief Executive Officer, Mike Willoughby oversees the overarching strategy of PFSweb. He has been instrumental in the acquisition, development, integration and support of the company’s world-class technologies. It was Mike’s vision to diversify PFSweb’s offering by establishing two business units: the Operations Services unit, PFS, and the Professional Services unit, LiveArea.